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Applying for CERB timeline and CRA account


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Oct 3, 2018
First of all, thanks for all the great help this forum has provided for newcomers coming to Canada.

I have arrived in Canada last year and have been working as a full-time employee since June 1. Unfortunately due to COVID-19, I will be temporarily laid off on May 1st and therefore need to apply for CERB.

I heard that for your application a CRA account is needed. As a newcomer that has just filed his first tax return (through regular mail), I do not have a CRA account. My question might be silly but is it necessary to have such an account for your application?

Furthermore, as I will be laid off, beginning May 1, do I need to wait the 14 days and apply on May 14, or can I apply instantly as it will be already clear that I will be out of income for 14 consecutive days? My employer will provide me with a ROE.

Thank you for your help.