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Applied for PRTD on H&C grounds, Got travel document under the R-1 category


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Feb 3, 2015
Hello everyone, I asked for help on here a while back about applying for a PRTD on H&C grounds due to being removed from Canada as a child, and therefore not meeting RO. I was told there is a big chance it won't be accepted because I am 22 but that I should apply anyway, so I did. Special thanks to Rish888 and Rob_TO.whose posts were very helpful in that regard.

I just got my passport back from the embassy with a travel document extending for 6 months, however I noticed that it is issued under the R-1 category instead of the RC-1 category which is the correct one for H&C reasons.

The PRTD form I sent was practically empty, most boxes were filled with Not Applicable, and in the attached letter I wrote for the H&C box, I explicitly made it clear why I didn't fulfill my PR obligation and why I hadn't applied earlier, so I find it very perplexing that I am issued a document under a category which, if I understand it correctly, says that I am in compliance!

1- Did the embassy make a mistake? should I contact them and ask them to change it to RC-1?

2- As I understand it this travel document will allow me to go to Canada and stay there for 2 years and then apply for renewal (basicly a much more guaranteed version of trying to cross into Canada through a land border with an expired PR and hoping not to be flagged and reported, then spend 2 years there), this however is not something I am considering since I do not have an SIN, so going to Canada while not being able to work for 2 years is not an option.

3- Will my PR renewal application once I land in Canada be rejected because despite what the embassy seems to think, I was not in compliance?

I tried looking for people in my situation and failed to find useful information. Is it rare for people with expired PRs to be issued R-1 documents?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
Please share your experience, if you applied for new PR card.
Thanks a lot