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Application/profile updated -- What does this mean? (TVR Online)

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by imjenjenjen, Aug 8, 2018.

  1. Just now, I opened my CIC account and instead of Submitted, the current status is Application/profile updated but I did not receive any email
  2. It just means an officer looked at your application. It’s within the normal process.

    You may get the email alert a few hours later. They are triggered in batches, but the online status gets shown on the client side sooner.
  3. T
    Thank you for the reply. I'm waiting for a PPR email. Praying for a positive response.
  4. It means some processing was done on your application. You could probably get a decision soon
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  5. Thank you. Hope to get a positive decision soon.
  6. But after some time, it came back to Submitted status. Is it normal?
  7. Such things do happen
  8. me also got email on 15 June like your account has been updated but portal was same is this also normal ? @Bryanna
  9. I empathize with you. You're kind of stuck in a visa-no-man's-land :)

    Hope you get another update soon because the June update was quite a while ago
  10. Seriously. Can i order to GCMS notes in order to delay? How ?
    What could be the main reason of my situation ?
    can i call direct to Abu Dhabi embassy ?
  11. You must give your consent + request a family member/friend who lives in Canada to order it for you.

    Qatar issue

    It is not possible
  12. How can she do ?
    Agree. Because consultants of Qatar recommend to every applicant apply 3 months before. maybe they faced same situation.
  13. Hi. You applied here in UAE also?

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