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Application For Permanent Residence In Canada IMM 0008 Generic

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Vercetti, Oct 30, 2010.

  1. Just to clarify:

    I am trying to immigrate to Canada to be with my wife who lives in Nova Scotia. We have no children and no one is immigrating with me.
    On the 2nd page of this form where it asks for details of family members - I leave this entire page blank correct? Or do I need to write 'Not Applicable' in all of the blanks?

    I know this may be a stupid question, but I only want to have to send this form in once.
  2. NO where it says 'NONE ACCOMPANING ADULTS/DEPENDENTS ' you have to write in your family members names ..for background checks ect,,,

    Sorry to dissapoint you !
  3. I don't see that anywhere on this form
  4. Are you being sponsered ? if so it should say on one of the forms 'none accompaning adults' !
  5. I am being sponsored.

    However, my question is specific regard to the IMM 0008 Generic form page 2.

    In the immigrants guide it says:

    I know I am not supposed to put any information in these boxes. My only question is whether or not to leave them blank, or go through and write in 'Not Applicable' for each spot provided.

  6. If your being sponsered the questionaire is section C " my family members outside Canada.
  7. You need schedule 1, and its the 4th -5th question down about your parents.
  8. I'm NOT asking about Schedule 1

    I'm asking about IMM 0008 Generic!

    Please read the question!
  9. OK KEEP YOUR VOICE DOWN lol just write N/A .ok !
  10. just write N/A cuz its about if u hve any children ..so dont worry just write that N/A

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