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Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by patib, Jan 21, 2016.

  1. Can you please judge if this sample is word for word.

    The letter started by saying that Mr xxx is mainly responsible for implementing, planning, assessing, investigating, designing and testing of various electrical systems and components in residential and commercial buildings (are these copy pasted from the lead statement) and the following are his detailed responsibilities.
    1) Examining and investigating any electrical components malfunctions or electrical system/s failures, as part of the post-installation support service and taking the necessary action/s in order to rectify it.

    2) Commissioning, expediting and supervising the tasks of testing, installation, modification, and renovation of electrical systems and its components (such as light control systems, SMATV systems, CCTV systems and audio systems) performed by specialized subcontractors’ teams (if required).

    The noc 2133 states

    Lead statement :Electrical and electronics engineers design, plan, research, evaluate and test electrical and electronic equipment and systems.


    • Supervise and inspect the installation, modification, testing and operation of electrical and electronic systems and equipment
    • Investigate electrical or electronic failures
  2. In my opinion, you're fine. Just relax and allow your application to be processed.
  3. Alright thank you, so its fine that i have couple of words that are the same, because some are technical terms that simply dont have technical alternatives and thank you again appreciate your help
  4. Absolutely alright. Ours was the same, with about 90% match.
  5. Thank
    thank you, i hope that this doesnt imply its a word for word copy.
  6. Is there anyone here, from Nigeria that as gotten his or her visa. Pleas let me know how much do i have to get to show up for proof of funds ?
  7. Hi friends,
    Is there any province currently inviting NOC 2133 applicants under provincial nomination programs?
  8. You supply no reference point here. There are quite a few factors that'll determine the answer to your question, e.g did you apply under EE, what's your family size? etc.
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  9. I want to apply online and my sponsore want to be sure of least amount he should have as closing balance in his account . Am going alone for study
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  11. Please i need your help

    I sumit my application yesterday online and it said successful but my main concern is that they have not deducted there visa fee from my bank account till now and am really worried since i have given my atm card details and sumited my application which i have expected them to deduct the visa fee from my account but nothing like that . But it was confirm successful as i sumited my application but they haven't deducted the visa fee till now .. what could be problem???? Or is visa free
  12. Just give it a little bit of time. As soon as processing begins, when it gets to the fee payment stage, it will be deducted.
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  13. Okay thanks at least i am relief now from your word
  14. Hello All,

    Could anyone kindly give me the email address I can contact the Accra VO through.

  15. What wrong?

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