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Applicant from Accra Visa Office Connect Here

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by patib, Jan 21, 2016.

  1. Guess you are done now. COngratulationssssssssssssss
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  2. Hello everyone.
    Please did anyone receive a mail today, requesting for their international passports to be sent to vfs, India or vfs, Nepal. I received the mail and I am confused because, I thought I should have been asked to send the passports to Accra since i reside in Nigeria. I received the mail from the address below;


    All my details stated in the mail are very correct but then, I have not received any email in my gc account requesting for passports.

    Please, is anyone in a similar situation?
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  3. Can anyone please post their timeline from AOR to COPR? Especially for Accra VO applicants. Thanks.
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  4. Please i have applied and sumitted my application on dec 3rd 2018 for a study permit. Is this tread for study permit and if not help me out with a link for a study permit to know how the processes is going
  6. You can't make payments with your Naira masterCard, you need a Dollar Visa/Master Card(Meaning you need to open a Dorm account & get an ATM Card for it)
    Another option is to get a Visa Gold Card with First Bank.(it only allows you pay dollars into it).
  7. You can pay with a naira MasterCard provided it's enable for international transactions and the amoint to be paid is within the limit.
  8. Well I tried all of that but it didn't work, went to all the major banks for enquiries. There's a limit on this Naira Cards, How then do you pay about 1200CAD with your Naira Master Card??
  9. Did anyone send their passport via DHL to the High commission in Ghana Recently?If yes,How long did it take before getting a PUM. Thanks
  10. GTB has removed those limits. Did you try using a GTB master card?
  11. This Group seems dead. Can we revive it?
    Anyone waiting on Accra Visa Office?
  12. Yes

    Yes . I applied online
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  14. Please add me to Nigeria WhatsApp group

  15. Am also from Nigeria before i add you can i know your application status . When do you apply for your visa and why type of visa do you apply ?
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