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AOR in January 2017 - Connect Here!

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by DamhaSirah, Dec 30, 2016.

  1. Thank you Vensak for your suggestions
  2. Oh that makes me PNP-Inland then
  3. I know the frustration and anxiety man. I'm aor jan 24 and haven't seen any changes since my background went IP 1 on March 6. Just waiting on my GCMS notes to arrive in a week to assess the situation.
  4. Im PNP-Inland
    AOR: Jan 31st
    Since AOR nothing changed into my application.
    Come on C!C
  5. We have similar timelines. Medicals and IP(1) since Feb 28 and nothing since. Although they told me that my application is now at CPC Ottawa this past Friday. Is yours in Ottawa too?
  6. Mee too..!!! no change since BG IP
  7. This is the moment I am starting to worry, as many of the Jan 31 AOR are seeing updates and not me. :'( :'(

    Hope this ends well..!!
  8. pnp-inland , jan 20th aor :

    no update from my end either, not even medical passed,
    a friend of mine pnp-inland jan 28th got his medical passed today..

    no idea whats going on, any tips or advise you guys have here...:/
  9. I use to feel that way myself. But now I believe a CSE is a great tool especially when in doubt. I have seen rejection mails where they refer to no CSE explaining the aspect where they have an issue with.

    Two days ago, i got two replies for a CSE i raised a month ago.

  10. There is no need to come into Canada as a tourist if you are PNP. As far as I know...PNP's are eligible for open work permit. It's worth looking into.

  11. e-APR AOR: 30 January 2017
    Mdecials Passed : 6 April 2017
    Background Check : In Progress
  12. No change in BG since it went toNA on march 16 should I be worried. I AM CEC OUTLAND
  13. Hello Folks,
    Just want to touch base who are waiting for Status update of JAN 1-10 AOR .

    Please, update me anyone in the group who has same time line as mine below.

    AOR Date : JAN 07, 2017
    CEC- INLAND (Currently Living in Alberta)

    Recently, send an email to CPC -Ottawa, I received a generic email saying that your file is with us we are still processing your application
    Worried about status update since March 13. I just want to know whether they are verified eligibility check or not ?

    Anticipating for your response.


    Thank you so much for your support.
  14. Mine is just about the same, january 6th AOR. Medicals passed a little bit earlier but I also haven't seen any change on BG.

    Hang tough! Our day is coming ;)
  15. Me! Me!

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