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Anyone got APEGS Engineer In Training Certificate

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by Dhruv2012, Aug 16, 2017.

  1. Hi
    I need help if anyone got Engineer in training in Training certificate
  2. What is your intended NOC?
  3. Good. NOC 2173 and 2175 take only 2 months for licensing.
    But NOC 2147 takes min. 1 year.
  4. I applied for eng in training but they put two deficiencies.but I have already did those subjects before my bachelors degree.so how to remove these deficiencies and how to find course for those two subjects.
  5. Hi can I know the status of your application to APEGS
    I also have deficiency subject
  6. NOC 2173 and 2175 are not under APEGS.
    APEGS is only for engg graduates and it takes min 1 yr to get the certificate/license if you are an international engg graduate.

    I just applied last July 30 and they have not even started my assessment, eventhough I had already submitted all my docs.

    If you have a deficiency, please read this flow chart so you have an idea of what you need to do
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  7. When did you applied? What is your BS Degree? Did they asked you to do your self-assessment and submit course descriptions?
  8. Anyone here applied Engineer-In-Training NOC 2131?
  9. so, for which license you have applied for?(EIT/Professional Engg)
    what docs are required for EIT?
    Best regards
  10. I am new to this thread and interested in SINP.

    I am an IT professional with 5 years of experience in Front End Development ( NOC A 2175 maybe ).
    My ECA is in progress.

    Can someone please guide me about the licence required for SINP,
    Cost and processing time,

    how is the ethic exam? Is it technical or general?

    I came to know about AITP, ISP and ITCP. which one would be good for me?

    my IELTS is
    L : 6
    R : 5.5
    W : 5.5
    S : 6

    Any help is appreciated
    Thanks in Advance
  11. Hi all,

    Engineer in training was approved last week. Mechanical engineering. It took almost 01 year for processing.
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  12. Congratulations Wayne, can you give us a guide on the process given your experience, I just started processing mine -
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  13. In the same boat....all documents received by APEGS...no updates except online status of documents received
  14. UPDATE: Got my EIT (Electrical Engineering) yesterday...took me 3 weeks with US PE license...

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