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Any SK nominated PRs NOT residing in SK?

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by krishere1982, Nov 14, 2019.

  1. Hi,

    I got PR with SK's nomination. I am planning to live in ON as I am not finding any job in SK.

    I want to get connected with other people like me, who have got PR through SK's nomination but unable to live in SK and are living in other provinces.

    Please respond to this post.

    Thank you.
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  2. Same here but I am living in mannitoba, also need some guidance if any body can help us???
  3. Have you actually relocated to SK? Getting a job out of Canada may not be possible. You will have to show that you did attempt to relocated to SK.
  4. I’m also searching for any kind of job from last more than 1 month, but unable to have any job. How can I show to CIC that I’m trying to search jobs and didn’t get even survival job. Is there any chances that CIC allow to change province?
  5. Make sure you keep records of your time in SK and all the applications you have sent out and proof you were actually in SK. It does take a while to hear back from an employer in Canada and get an interview. It is often a month process for professional jobs. After a few months you can relocate if you have proof that you have tried your best before abandoning SK.
  6. What kind of records can be shown like applying online and their e-mails or resume?
  7. Online applications, records of your accommodation while you were in SK. Things like that.
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  8. I have not relocated to SK. I have only completed the softlanding in SK. I have been applying for jobs in SK. In today's world, all the jobs are posted online. And it is also a fact that SK doesn't have many IT jobs. SK nominated me for my job experience in a NOC, I don't think they should be expecting me to do survival jobs in SK while I can work in my NOC elsewhere in Canada.
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  9. Where r u living nowadays?
    How much time u spent in SK?
  10. I am in US. I only stayed in SK for 3 days when I softlanded.
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  11. Now u planned to live in SK or any where?
    If I didn’t got job in my field then after moving to another province can I do any kind of job or only related to my field in which I got nominated???
  12. I have not decided what to do yet. I am oscillating between moving to SK and search for jobs. OR if my company allows, I am thinking of living close to the border in ON and working in NY.

    I think we can do any job, if we don't find job in our NOC.
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  13. Ok
  14. No problem. I want to live in SK because they nominated me. But that province just doesn't seem to have much jobs for me. I am going to continue to apply for jobs in SK. But when I have an option to keep working and living in ON, it is not practical to quit that job and move to SK and try for odd jobs.

    I would suggest that you also keep applying for jobs in SK and keep a record of it.
  15. I applied to many survival jobs even at low wages, but didn’t hear from any employer. My settlement funds may over soon and then difficult to live here without any job. So I planned to move before that but also frightened regarding my PR status which may be revoked in future.
    Did we need job offer from another province before moving?

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