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Any one applying for study permit from Malaysia

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Zakaria77, May 31, 2019.

  1. Hello
    I have applied for a study permit online(16 May 2019). I did my medical (upfront) and I have recently received an update that I have passed the medical. I did my biometrics too. I have applied for a bachelor's in Engineering at the Memorial University of Newfoundland. I am living in Malaysia as an international student from Afghanistan. May I know if anyone else has also applied recently and if possible please share your experience.
  2. Hi,

    Im also applying from Malaysia.
  3. Did you receive the approval for your study permit ? If yes, how long did it take ?
    Applied on June 17th. Yet to receive the approval.
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  4. Any luck with the study permit approval ?
  5. Hey there, I'm also applying for study permit, did my biometrics on June 20 and still waiting for an approval....hopefully it comes soon. Any new updates for you ? Or are you still waiting like me ?
  6. No updates yet, still waiting. I did my biometrics on June 20th as well.
    I did send am email to Singapore VO today inquiring about the application status, but yet to receive a response on the same. Not sure if they will respond since the 5 weeks processing time (post biometric submission) is still 2 days away. Hopefully it gets approved within this week.
    Will keep this post updated.
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  7. I haven't heard anything from them yet. I submitted my biometrics on 24th of June
  8. Where you going to study btw ?
    Im going to University of British Columbia
  9. Centennial College, Toronto
  10. I got updates here. Today I got my approval. Will be passing on my passport.
  11. Congrats.
    I got my Biometric Correspondence letter. Waiting for the final decision. Did you get the biometric correspondence letter earlier or together with the approval?
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  12. I'm not sure.....because an agent is doing the application for us, but she told us that our application was approved and she'll send that letter to us soon. I'm assuming that means she got the correspondence letter earlier.
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  13. when did you received your correspondence letter? I got my biometrics completed updates this week but I never received any email or correspondence letter.
  14. congrats brother
  15. Received the letter on 24th July.

    Looking at the posts in this forum, few cases seems to be getting the letter together with the final decision while few cases gets the letter before the final decision.

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