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Feb 28, 2008

I currently am visiting my husband in the USA. I am a Canadian citizen and he is an American citizen we have one child together. We would like to all travel together to Canada, where I would like to sponsor him while we were already in Canada. That way he could watch our child while I worked and we wouldn't have to separate. He has no criminal background, medical problems, he has gone to college, and is able to work, never had social assistance. He has also been allowed into Canada before.
We would all be flying from the US to Canada together with then intention of being honest in our plans to immigrate from within Canada. Would he be denied? Is this legal? From what I gather it is, however it can be very confusing. What is the best plan of action that we should take, like I stated before I do not want to separate for the sake of our child.
Thank you so much for any help


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Apr 7, 2007
It's legal and I've heard that other couples haven't had problems with it as long as they were honest with immigration.

Just keep in mind that your husband won't be able to work until he receives approval in principle (AIP) of his application. That could be 6 months or so.