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Am I eligible to extend my work permit and how long can I extend for?

Discussion in 'Finding Work in Canada' started by Tiaa, Jan 6, 2019.

  1. I can't help you any further. I've already posted the answer three times. Being in the pool does not qualify you for a BOWP. Asking the same thing over and over again won't change the answer.
  2. Thank you so much, your information is very helpful. I may need to apply for a study permit just in case I can not get the BOWP.
    BTW, I am working in a company for almost one year, may I ask what is called the work permit received from sponsorship?
  3. Sorry I was checking information on CIC while asking questions in ord to figure out the best option for my specific situation. Didn't mean to ask the same question repeatedly. Appreciate for your patience.

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