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Alternate good career options for Indian Doctor in Canada

Discussion in 'Education' started by Pooji, May 12, 2019.

  1. Helo....I'm doing my final year MBBS in India. My would be husband has done MBA in Canada n working there.
    So after completing my degree ,I have to migrate to Canada with him.

    After going through many sites n reviews, I came to know that it's too tough to get a pg residency in Canada. And even I don't want to waste my time there after knowing all the issues to settle there as practicing doc.

    So, I want to know about some other alternative courses which are related to healthcare.

    And another important point is that, we may go back n settle in India after 10 years.
    So I need a course that can help me in getting a job in India too.

    Can anyone please help me through this .
  2. Are you a PR? Really you likely need to do another degree especially if you want to remain in Canada longterm. You will have to weigh whether it make sense for you to retrain of just try to get a job that might not fit what you want to do. General administrative jobs. Some form of government job especially if you are a PR. The other issue is you likely have no work experience.

    Yes I also agree that trying to get relicensed in Canada is extremely difficult and wish others would look into Canada IMGs system before committing to moving to Canada. Chances are relatively low, it will be expensive and no guarantees.
  3. Thank you very much for the reply!

    Actually my would-be got PR recently.
    So he is going to sponsor me for PR.
    I guess there won't be any problem in getting PR in this way.

    Only Concern is choosing a good alternate career. Even my would-be has no idea about medical field as he belongs to IT.
    So it's becoming pretty difficult to choose n enquire about alternate medical courses.

    How about the scope of MBA in Hospital adminstration in Canada for IMGs.
    Can you please tell your opinion on this.

    Thanks in advance!
  4. Hospital administration is a pretty narrow field and positions are usually filled by people who have practiced in Canadian hospitals. An MBA would be a good option but wouldn’t focus on just the healthcare field. Many go into public health but there is quite a lot of competition for public health

    https://michener.ca/choose/ shows some alternate medical fields. There are more of course. You’d need to look into whether these jobs are in demand and average compensation is.
  5. Thanks a lot for the information... I will surely look into it.. ☺
  6. If you do an MBA make sure it is a decent one. There are a few MBA programs in Canada that are not well known by employers and are not worth the money you would spend.
  7. Ya sure....i will go through all the details thoroughly before I choose an MBA school.

    Once again thanks a lot for clarifying my doubts.
    You are so kind.
    God bless you!
  8. if you with to be in health care, go for nursing program at the college. In one year you will be working in a hospital with $28/h
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    Check out this page Pooji; it may be of interest: (NOTE: From IDP)

    Note: Memorial University in Newfoundland is an excellent school. Plus because of the location they have VERY reasonable prices. If you aren't addicted to traffic and office buildings this place is paradise. Video:

    MBA's http://www.canadian-universities.net/MBA/MBA_Tuition_International.html

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