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All who got FILE MOVED/transferred to NDVO 2019 please join

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by singleman, Feb 20, 2019.

  1. OK fellows we are in 2019. And this thread will be for members in "SPOUSAL Sponsorship" whose files have been moved or transferred to NDVO in early 2019 or late 2018. And are still unable or able to see any kind of updates on GCKeys or ECAS. Lets us discuss here if NDVO has started or not yet. We shall learn from each other. Many files have been dealt with right here in Canada and those got PPR in 3-4 months , but this thread is for NDVO only regardless of which month. Thank you
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  2. Finally a thread for this!

    October 17 application received
    January 10 medical done and same day file transferred to NDVO
    January 18 ecas second line changes to we started processing

    Been a month now..so don’t know how much longer. I heard ndvo releases in batches so hope to god hubby is on that batch!
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  3. 1st of all I must thank you for comments.
    My time line is bit diff from you but Processing by NDVO is almost same, so lets sit and wait. Also lets see any 1 else in the same situation.
    Btway Kaur ji are you in Alberta?
  4. Yup..in Alberta
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  5. File Received: Oct 11,2018
    Medical request: Jan 7,2019
    Medical done: Jan 10, 2019
    File Transfer to NDVO : Jan 10, 2019
    Medical Received: Jan 18,2019(as per ECAS)
    And after that we are waiting.
  6. I am too
  7. Good to hear ya . We are all JAN file transfer forget about when was orig started in Sydney. ND will start a batch like a member said above. Hopefully they will pick us up in coming batch or 1 but next.
    Do you see see "We started your applica..." on ECAS?
    Or We started your back ground after file transfer?
  8. This will help in tracking the progress
    Of files that got transferred in jan
  9. Does ndvo go by date started processing @ ndvo or application received date?
  10. I think by application recieve date
  11. No nothing like that, just says "Medical results have been received" and its been a month since any update.
  12. GOD knows how they work, my posts were deleted i suspect they may have some1 keeping an eye here, but why we care? We are Canadian citizens and have == rights
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  13. We do know something is wrong there, not against NDVO but we do know few things
  14. That being said means for the purpose of 1 YEAR promise but othrthan that why NDVO keeps on holding a PPR letter for months when system had sent a PRE-arrival ???
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  15. svilli thanks keep in touch we should be united for this purpose (which they don't like to see)

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