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Discussion in 'Visitors' started by FreeHelp4Pakistanis, May 21, 2013.

  1. congratulation Adil , could you please share visa stamping timeline? how many days it took to get back your passport after submission for visa.
  2. Ok Mr Adil I have one question when. You applied paper based so you get an email for application receipt this is indicate one number like Vxxxxxxxx and your GC account application number is same or different? Please confirm me.
  3. How can it be different brother?
    It can't be different
    It is exactly the same
    I was able to link my family's application the same day they submitted the file at VAC Karachi
  4. What is a correspondence letter? My biometrics is updated on my profile but i have no email about it. What does that mean?
  5. I didnt submit any nikkah nama......Your father name should already be written on your mother passport
  6. I got correspondecn letter lette yesterday at 4:00 PM But didn’t recieve any update regarding approval/refusal ? Someone please share experince that after corespondence letter how long next status updated??
  7. Hello Guys
    I applied visa with my family and i am not main applicant.I got visa refusal of usa 6 months ago and i didn't mention on my application form and yesterday i submitted my enquiry that i didnt mention my visa refusal of usa in form and i apologised for this mistake.
    I want to know that was that good step?

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