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Alberta AINP March 2019 NOI Notification of Interest

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by Harjotsbhamrah, Mar 14, 2019.

  1. .... y r they taking so much time I wonder...there r people who got their file number in 3-4 days too...why such a delay in our case?...hope for the best that's what I can say
  2. Gents, anybody received nomination, please share your timeline
  3. When did u get the PNP nomination letter?
  4. Hai..
    Thanks for sharing the info. I have submitted all documents to AINP (hardcpoy) via DHL on May 2nd 2019. Do you know in how many days they will respond with the acceptance on the matter or in how many days after receipt of the document will they add 600 points to our express entry profile.
  5. Hi,
    Have you received any acknowledgement or any email yet?
    My documents were delivered on April 25th, but no response yet.

    Also,which id did you email them on?
  6. Hi there, has anyone with NOC 0621 (retail manager) ever received NOI from Alberta? Please help so a friend can know her chances

    So far its administrative assistants/officers and those in either soft engineering, mechanical or oil and gas drillers and a few accounting/book keeping technicians.
  7. Mine also received by D David.
  8. Congratulations Buddy... Wish you all success in the PR process too.
  9. Nothing received yet. I sent an email in response to the NOI email I received from them.
  10. I did. I'm outside of Canada.
    CRS score 433.
    NOC received on April 15, 2019
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  11. Hi there, has anyone with NOC 6211 (retail sales supervisor) ever received NOI from Alberta? My Express entry score is 425 right now with 1 year experience and ielts score and currently working in Alberta.
  12. i have received a nomination under this noc code.
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  13. Good day sir/maam,

    I recently received my pnp confirmation of nomination from alberta on may 28, 2019. The problem is that my express entry profile on that same day became ineligible when i received my pnp nomination because i did not update my funds in my express entry profile to be able to reach the 2019 minimum amount ($12,669) . My funds in my profile is $12,574 and I created my express entry profile back in december 2018 which is still a valid amount in 2018. The problem is that IRCC increased the minimum fund starting january 2019 to $12,669 and that is the reason why my profile became ineligible.

    My question to you is that:

    -What is the solution for this minor problem in my EE acocunt?
    -Can i amend/fix this problem in my express entry account so that i can be granted 600 points from my alberta nomination. If so, what should i do?
    -Has anyone have any idea or have experience this kind of issue before?

    Thank you so much for the help in advance and more power!
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    Unfortunately this happened to a friend. Received nomination and 5 mins later profile became ineligible. Called AINP and they said they don't forward nomination to new EE profile you have to get back in the pool and wait to be selected again....bummer. So quickly recreate a new profile with same information and wait to receive NOI again.
  15. Too bad so sorry

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