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After two times rejection I will apply for girlfriend visa

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Omnia Abdelrahman, Oct 10, 2018.

  1. Hello,

    I hope you remember my case here:

    I am a single Egyptian Female dentist, working in Saudi Arabia with an ongoing contract started Feb 2017 ending in Feb 2019 and will be renewed automatically.

    I am doing the American Board in the US but I have always wanted to visit Canada.

    So when I found out that I can take the board’s test in the US and Canada.
    I tried to apply for TRV to take my second test in Canada in April 2018 and have a chance to visit the country.

    But they rejected me 2 times.
    Reasons were:
    • I was applying from Saudi Arabia (not my home country) while being on a job contract ending in 6 months.
    • I traveled only one time in my life to the US in 2015 and stayed 3 months then.
    • I am applying for taking an American dental test in Canada while I am already having a valid US visa.

    So, for the changes I have done to my current situation:
    • I traveled again to the US in Sep 2018 (this time for 3 weeks only) so my travel history is now modified to 2 times.
    • I will renew my job contract in Saudi Arabia in Feb. 2019
    • I will not mention the American test anymore, Instead, my BF will write a sponsoring letter for me.

    My questions are here, if I want to apply to TRV again in Feb 2019 with my boyfriend sponsoring me:

    1- This is the truth now, so How will that help me if my boyfriend wrote a letter for me after these two rejections?

    2- How much money I supposed to have if I will ask for 3 weeks TRV with my BF?

    3- Do I need to change the country I am applying from to improve the ties issue? By saying that I mean I leave my job to finish my contract instead of renewing it, go back home and apply from Egypt again? or it's better to stay in Saudi Arabia on the work visa?

    4- It's stated in my contract that it will be renewed automatically on Feb 2019, So Do I need to write down a new contract or it's okay to present the same contract with a letter from my employer stating that I have renewed it?

    Thanks alot for your time and help
  2. A boyfriend does not improve your visa chances in any way. Nothing changes in the kind of evidence you have to present.
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  3. I am sorry I don't understand this part??
  4. might give a doubt to vo like what is obsession behind apply again and again 2 times for test and 3rd time for BF doesn't make a a reason or purpose of visit.
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  5. The proof/documents you must send would be the same as if you were applying on your own/without a sponsor.
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  6. Now this is really the truth.
    The obsession is seeing my boyfriend, whom I know a year ago, which means also he was the obsession behind the first two times.
    I have pictures and chat records to proof that.
    What’s wrong with that? They can’t believe the truth?
  7. Even if he is the one who is applying not me?
  8. What are you talking about? Is your BF applying for his own TRV? I’m confused to be honest. I got the implication your BF is in Canada. If I was mistaken then my bad.

    If you meant that your BF in Canada would sponsor/apply for your TRV on your behalf, then my original point stands: it doesn’t change anything. There is no such thing as a “girlfriend visa”.

    If you were talking about a spouse/common-law sponsorship, then that’s not possible unless you are married or lived together for 12 months straight.
  9. I think the problem would be the opposite, they definitely would believe the truth, but you would have to prove that you would leave Canada and not overstay because of this "obsession".

    But Bellaluna is right, if your boyfriend is "sponsoring" you for this visit the application is still coming from your side. There is no real thing as a sponsor for trv, it is not legally binding. For example if your boyfriend says I will pay for everything and she can stay with me and it turns out you get into a fight and he kicks you out. He can do that, this invitation does not bind him to anything. That's why people are saying its still on you, and your documents.

    Anyways I wish you the best of luck and I hope you eventually get to spend time with your bf.
  10. Yes your implication is right my bf is a canadian citizen indeed.

    But my BF told me his brother had sponsored his girlfriend from Venzuela a year ago and his brother then made everything for her, like all application work and he provided a letter from his work and his bank statement also, she only had to provide her passport at this time from Venzuela but he made all the effort from Canada.

    So what kind of visa was that in case of his brother and his Venzuelan GF?
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    So he can definitely fill it out for you online but it is still your application and based on you not him. For example my in laws do not know how to use a computer, I filled out the application online and helped them submit(from Canada), but they were still the applicants. There is no such thing as fiancé visa or girlfriend visa. I assure you that if the girlfriend from Venezuela got a regular trv then she was not sponsored by your boyfriends brother. Like I said he is under no obligation to continue to support his girlfriend.

    Applications are looked at separately on their own merits, the person who looked at your brothers gf file felt that she meets the conditions of a genuine traveler and was granted a visa. Some of it is subjective. I do think your visit recently to the united states will help somewhat.
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  12. Ok now I totally understand so may i ask you a question,

    Now if I applied and provided pictures and chat records and a sponsoring letter from my bf and however the VO isnot convinced and I got rejected.

    Later on, if me and my bf decided to get married. Will a spouse visa be affected by these 3 rejections at any stage??

    Because I really want to give a TRV another try but I am scared it affects my future with him.
  13. Also please I need someone to give me a good information about which way is better for me to apply: from Egypt which is my home country or to stay in Saudi Arabia while being on job contract.
  14. Please do not make any decisions based solely on this post, I do not have a lot of experience when it comes to this and i am no expert. So before you make any decisions please wait for more experienced seniors.

    Having said all that, putting myself in your shoes, having been away from my wife.....if I was you I would apply for trv again. If I didn't I would constantly be thinking about it, the what ifs, what if I had applied and I could be with her now (or in my case her be with me).

    My wife had one trv refusal prior and it had no impact on our file. So would three impact it? Maybe a little, but your last refusal would have been in an attempt to be together. Your spousal sponsorship file will be based on the genuineness of your relationship. Meaning that your relationship is not for the purposes of immigration and you genuinely love each other and are legally married/common law. Make sure you save every bit of evidence from this point forward. Are you of similar age? From similar cultures or religion? Would you two being married make sense with the norms of your culture?

    long story short.....if I was you I would go for it, and try to be together. And if I got refused again then I would use your US visa and go to the states on holiday where your Canadian citizen bf can easily travel, and build up more proofs of our relationship.
  15. hello, I hope that everyone remember me

    I ordered GCMS Notes and this is what I got:

    single egypt female, no children. wishes to write an exam at prometric. registration letter on file. previous refusal declared. explamnation letter on file. PA provided LOE which stated she is employed as Dentist at Excellence of Physicians Medical Complex earning 7000 SAR per month.
    Saudi Dentistry license on file . PA has a valid USA NIV; However not satisfied this concerns. Bank statement provided. No payroll on statement.
    some cash deposits and transfers to account but deposits are irregular and amounts are not commensurate with stated payroll
    PA is in KSA on a temporary basis. status in KSA is insecure. Not satistfied PA is well established in KSA or home country.
    Not satisfied that PA is bona fide TR who will leave Canda by the end of the period authorized. R179not met. Refused

    I feel desperate now I don't control my payroll they give us payroll on cash.

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