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Adding spouse after ppr, taking too long, please connect here

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by Aroonabi, Oct 8, 2017.

  1. Hi guys,

    Even I am in similar situation. I recently added my wife to my application(FSW-O).

    Below is my timeline.
    AOR - 27th Oct 2018.
    Got married - 17 May 2019.
    Received ADR for spouse's list of documents - 5 June 2019.
    ADR uploaded - 2 July 2019.
    Spouse name added to EE profile - 4 July 2019.

    Ever since uploading the ADR files the status on my profile says:

    Review of additional documents: Not applicable.

    Could someone please explain to me what are the stages after uploading ADR?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. What is ur updated status? Why you used webform to update visa office? I got PPR email on 31.05.2019 and got married on 09.06.2019. Informed cic on 10.06.2019 and got reply thru my account on 13.06.2019. I submitted all documents on 13.07.2019. My spouse medical took place on 16.07.2019 and same day i updated CIC. 31.07.2019 i got biometric Request for spouse and same time my spouse UCI was updated. Biometrics updated on 05.08.2019.
  3. Any updates
  4. No, Nothing Yet. Not even the Spouse MEP message.
  5. Ever since spouse additional documents submitted on 22nd april 2019 I haven't received requests for spouse biometric hope all is well. AOR 22 OCT 2018
  6. That is the instruction i got. In the email they sent the list of documents and asked to upload all via webform
  7. They asked me to upload docs in my profile where new tabs were created... what is ur spouse’s application updated status ?
  8. If you don't want to add your husband to your application then you have to land before you get married. If you get married before you land, you will have no choice but to add your husband to your application.
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  9. I am also waiting for reply on this. HELP!
  10. Please I have a different issue. I got married and informed CIC through a CSE webform. I only got an vague response that my query has been sent to the responsible office. I have now gotten PPR (8th August) and still don't know what to do, haven't received any response on addition of my spouse. Please help, I have been given 15 days to submit my passport.
  11. Have you got UCI no. For your dependent ?
  12. Yes I got it two days after submitting spouse documents
  13. Have you got any updates ??
  14. Nopes.As per GCMS everything done except medical.. it's under review

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