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Adding New Passport To My Application


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Dec 8, 2016
London UK
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Thought I'd just add a little update. Recently had the Invitation to Pre-Arrival Services which apparently you get if you meet Eligibility so I'm not reading too much into that but it's still good news...

I also managed to lose my passport! You know, cos I'm clever... (I've lost a lot of weight and thrown away a bunch of clothes and have a horrible feeling it was in a jacket or a trouser pocket somewhere in that collection).

Ordered a new one and for the life of me couldn't figure out via the CIC website or my online account how to update the Application with the new details. Sent a Hail Mary email to the UK Canada Visa Office in London to see if they could help, they routed my enquiry to the immigration/visa department and it's been sorted in 2 days.

I needed to supply them with the following information so they could find my application:
  • Application number
  • Application type
  • Client ID/UCI
  • Applicant's full name
  • Applicant's date of birth
  • Copy of old passport biodata (photo) page of the applicant (if available).
Then once they found my application I sent them a scan of my NEW passport and they sent me a message in about 30 mins saying the Application had been updated accordingly.

Cracking service.

If you're in a similar situation and need to update vital ID documents or details and can't figure out how, email your country's Canadian outpost and ask if they can help/direct you to the right people or department. Depending which country you're in I imagine it could take longer...

Hopefully this post can help anyone else who's in a similar position to me...