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Add Spouse To PR Application which is currently in Processing

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by AEE11, Jan 8, 2016.

  1. First, you have to be clear about the difference between accompanying and non-accompanying. "Accompanying" means she will get PR at the same time as you (even if she does not plan to move to Canada immediately). "Non-accompanying" means you will have to sponsor her later, so it will take more time.

    Second - if you still choose "non-accompanying," you need to add her to your application as non-accompanying and she still needs to fill out the forms, submit police clearance(s), and complete the medical exam. This is what you MUST do to preserve the right to sponsor her later. But you do not need to pay the application fee or RPRF at this time.

    Unless she does not plan to move within the 3 years after you become a PR (and cannot meet the residency requirements), it is much better to include her as "accompanying."
  2. Thank you jes_ON for taking time to answer my question in detail for clarification, I appreciate it. I am preparing other documents to submit to CPC. Many Thanks!!
  3. hi is there anyone here who has applied for permanent residency under economic class, got married after applying ,AND SPOUSE WHO IS ALREADY IN CANADA AND SHE HAS ALSO APPLIED FOR PR UNDER ECONOMIC CLASS ???
    i would like to keep files separate i just want to inform them change in marital status how do i do it ??
    thank you in advance
  4. LOL, if you wanted to keep the files separate, you should not have gotten married.

    It would be nice if you could call IRCC and simply link the two applications, but I don't think that is possible. You can call and ask IRCC if you can list each other as "non-accompanying" under the circumstances, but that doesn't make much sense either.

    Normally, you would inform IRCC of the change in marital status and add your spouse to your application. Given that you each have an application submitted, you both will probably have to add your spouse to the application.
    You can probably re-use the medicals and PCCs. The upside is, that whichever application is finalized first, you both get PR at the same time.
  5. HI,
    I had query. If you guys can able to help it out.

    I got PPR in September 2017 and getting married at same time.
    I submitted all the requested documents for my wife by October 2017. Any buddy has an idea how much time it take to finish the entire process?

    your help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi, I just recently got my common-law partner added to my application.

    We've sent in all the documents they've requested - application forms, his passport, medical, photos etc etc etc.

    Just to get an idea of time frame just wondering how long it takes after we've sent all requested docs in did people wait for PR?

    It looks like I'm on track for PR (my gcms notes indicated this) and we need to see now that he's added if we'll both get approved.

    Approximate timeline is in my signature. :)
  7. hey guys,
    did u find anything regarding IMM0008,because i am also in same situation. my Pr app is in process and now i got married and want to add apouse in my app. do i need to fill this from separately for my spouse or just update from my side as principal applicant.
    thanks for considering.
  8. Hi Ali....please advise what all documents have they requested ??
  9. you dont need to fill IM 0008 for your wife just you need to update your one because you are the principle applicant
  10. They ask for relationhip development questions, relationship photos, marriage ceremony photos, marriage certificate, Police certificate for spouse, spouse passport
  11. I have the same situation here ! one of my friend is immigration consultant he said 4- 6 months
  12. Hi Good evening. May I ask whats should be or will be the timeline of adding spouse to PR currently on process.I got my file number January 2017,got married December 2017.Add him to my file January 22,2018.We have not done with our medical exam.We are still waiting for medical request.I applied under economic class thru paper based.Can someone post their timeline with the same case.Thank you.


  14. Hi guys !!
    i just checked my account. I am June 4,2017 aor. i idded my spouse in NA2 on oct 21 and i had a work review .so they finished processing mine and then they touched my spiuse file and on june 17,2018 i i s his uci and name in profile which is after 8 months of adding him in file. Also i had got my IP2 on 27th Feb,2018. So today i ihecked my account and i iaw not applicable in my documents tab in status table. it was no additional documents required before. Now i im confused, should i consider it as a sign of my pr approval or it might be that they completed sone checks from my spouse's file and updated that in system and that's what this UCI is? Please help.
  15. Hello, Did you get any update from cic?? Did you got your pr?? After adding your wife is there any negative impact on your file? Did they recalculated your points?? Could you please explain me. Becz mine i am planning to add my wife on my profile any suggestions?? Will be really appropriated. Thanks

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