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Abu dhabi application applied

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Canadian lover, Oct 27, 2018.

  1. If anyone applied or going to apply or refusal . Please share their ideas
  2. applied online frm U.A.E
    11th Sep submitted
    16th bio metrics
    21st Oct final decision :REFUSED

    current employment situation
    family ties in Canada and country of residence
    immigration status in country of residence
  3. What about your profile and. What is your current position in uae?
  4. What you attached for employment?
  5. you are which country of passport holder ?
    what is your job there ?
    any travel history ??
    martial status ?
    monthly income?
    did you attached your Employment contract ?
  6. pakistan passport

    currently sales representative in father's company established in 1983 and managing since 2001 but also started my very own business in May. I attached my pay stubs of 8k CAD and also my bussiness trade license with company bank statements.

    travel history is USA, schengen countries, thailand, gulf countries alone and with family. max stay 14 days and min 4 days.

    was born in uae and married and resident of uae since. 3 kids born and students here in uae.

    i attached my company NOC mentioned with my salary + joining date + days to visit Canada with family( 2 weeks)
  7. What is your exact monthly income ?
    are you running a business or doing a Job ?
  8. dear members,
    had applied for GCMS notes and this was it, plz guide should i apply alone or again with family

    Label: General
    Office: Abu Dhabi
    I have reviewed the application. I have considered the positive factors outlined by the applicant, including
    statements or other evidence: The applicant has some prior travel. However, I have given less weight to the
    positive factors, for the following reasons : The applicant's incentives to remain in Canada may outweigh their
    ties to their home country. The applicant's purpose of visit appears vague and poorly documented. The
    applicant's immigration status in their country of residence appears to be temporary, which may reduce their
    ties to that country. Weighing the factors in this application. I am not satisfied that the applicant will depart
    Canada at the end of the period authorized for their stay. For the reasons above, I have refused this application
  9. It would be easier to advise if you give us more information.

    1. What was the purpose of your visit and for how long did you want to visit?

    2. How old are your children and what do they do? Have you traveled abroad with your family for vacations?

    3. Do post the list of documents you had submitted for yourself, your wife and your children.

    4. Do you have a Canadian host? Are you related to him/her?
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  10. i have director/ partner visa since 2013 but i applied from pak with family and it was approved after 4 months. but i attached all documents like tax returns of past 4 years dubai trade licences property deeds etc and my case was approved from ABUDHABI Visa office.
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  11. Today i got mail from IRCC which states that we need your passport copy for Correct information . I have send them & How many days they will take more please suggest??
  12. But within family how can increase the chance of visa. IMO,VO will must think like they are going together so there’s no chance of return back to home country. Thats why im applying separate of my family
  13. well i travel everywhere with family which can easily indicates that i am a solo traveller who travel with family all the time so it wasn't a big deal to prove that we all are visitors and will be back in xx days which we did already as travelling history was sufficient including europe 2 times, uk, usa and other 10 12 countries ..
  14. I think Well maintained documentation can do everything you know my one frnd he have valid Schengen UK USA And Canada visa though Australia refused his application
  15. Hey everyone....Nigeria is not included to applied for an eta visa but if you applied and given 4 years..can that person board a flight in Nigeria or another country..please advise

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