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About strong sop after refusal

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Tanvii, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. Hiii..can anybody help me to write strong sop ??? Actually I got refusal for September intake and I want to reapply so I want to know that is it good to write about refusal in new sop?? If yes, then I have to write in it?? Please suggest me .
  2. Reason fr ur refusal? And also can u share ur profile
  3. I don't know the exact reason of refusal but I apply for September intake in evergree college in medical office administrator program.my overall band score is 6 not less than 5.5.i want to reapply my application soo I need strong sop .I am so confused that about refusal what I have to written on sop soo please suggest me that is it right to talk about refusal in new sop??
  4. You got refused for admission or visa? For visa the must be a reason given in the refusal letter, you have to address those reasons in your next application.
  5. in addition, nobody can help without knowing those reasons
  6. Same here... same band score..i reapply wid new sop
  7. Nah
  8. Format for SOP
     Introduction
    Name, qualification, job experience (if any), ielts.
     Why Canada
    You may write that it is your dream country or you always wanted to study abroad, etc.
     College Details
    Why have you selected this particular college.
     Course Details
    • Why you selected this course
    • Your interest in this course
    • Course subjects

     Future Prospects after completion of the course
    • Career options
     Request for Visa
  9. I got overall 6 band not less that 5.5
    I got admission in matrix collage in quebec with my ielts score
    But my visa got rejected like this-
    I am not satisfied that your level of English is strong enough at this time to able to successfully pursue your proposed academic program in Canada.

    Can i reapply for visa by saying that in sop -i had reached the criteria of collage admission
    Is there any chances to get the visa
  10. If feasible, retake your IELTS. In how many band module did you score 5.5? If just one, you can address the concerns in your SOP convincingly with specified references as proof and reapply BUT if it exceeds a single band module of 5.5 then its highly advisable to retake the test
  11. I got 5.5 only in writing
  12. Its fair enough to apply under the general category. Maybe you should try working well on your SOP constructively and make sure your grammars are not erroneous. You can as well request for your gcms notes
  13. Sub: Application for My Study Permit
    Respected Sir/Madam
    In spite of my best eforts to convince your good office my visa was ret
    d due to the
    following reason
    Grounds for refusal:
    I am not satisfied that your level of English is strong enough at this time to able to
    ssfully pursue your proposed academic program in Canada
    My 10 GPA is 8.2 from Board of Secondary Education, 12 nis 86% from Board of
    Intermediate and Bachelor of Commerce from Osmania University Hyderabad, in India and
    I have scored 65%.
    Regards to my level of ENGLISH I have scored overall band score of 6.0 (Listening: 6,
    Speaking: 6, Reading: 6, Writing: 5.5).which very well met the language requirement set by
    the Matrix College of Management Technology and Healthcare
    After pursuing Global Supply Chain Management at Matrix College, I wish to come back to
    India and apply the practicality into the real time environment. As India is heading towards
    the top position I in Global Scenario with Make in India and Skill India and I am certain that I
    can catch up with many Indian and MNCs located in my mother land
    I am a bonafide student intending to purse my post graduate studies and develop skills and
    tedge from a technologically rich country of Canada and implement the same
    technology in my motherland and I am attaching all the relevant docume
    mitted while I applied study permit
    of my knowledge and belief. I would be very grateful and obliges if your kind self would assess
    Education fee payments, financial support availed for your perusal.
    I have uploaded all genuine documents which I had su
    offline/Paper at VAC Hyderabad which are complete, true, accurate and factual to the best
    my applic
    Thanking You
    on in the light of the above mentioned cla
    I had send this sop
  14. Hello sir can u rlp me
  15. Dude, really? The VO was right, your English is all over the place. Don't get me wrong but you need to work on your language alot and you should also consider re attempting IELTS. But before that, you should get enrolled in a Generic English language enhancing course first. And did you took someone's advice or guidance before sending this SOP for the second time? I'm sure that even an infant would have warned you regarding this SOP of yours. All the best for your future. And start working on your language as soon as possible if you really want to study abroad. Peace out.

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