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50 points for a job offer

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by samirshah1, Jul 11, 2019.

  1. I am currently working in Canada on a work permit and it is valid till March 2020.
    My work permit is LMIA exempt and my offer letter is valid till March 2020.

    If I apply now for the PR, then will I get 50 points for a job offer since my job offer is lesser than 1 year from now but I already worked since March 2018 on the same offer letter and work permit
  2. What kind of work permit do you hold? ICT? PGWP? IEC? Something else?
  3. ICT
  4. I have friends with LMIA-exempt closed work permit who applied under CEC... The one's that got their PR had more than a year left on their work permit.
    One got rejected because at the time of assessment, the person had only 5 months left on their work permit and wasn't extended yet.
    These are cases who weren't able to get a new offer letter that either says 'Permanent' position or offer is valid for atleast 1 year after receiving PR. They used their initial offer letter from their work permit.
  5. Thanks for the information, it looks my case is similar to second one
  6. Can person not apply for a BOWP - Open WP with eAPR and continue working for same employer provided employer agrees ? Am not sure with the BOWP-Open WP if you can still claim 50 job offer points. May be someone expert in the forum can help to address this.?
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    You cannot get points on an Open Work Permit. You have to have a closed work permit and LMIA to get points.

    The exception is if you are already working in a job that is explicitly LMIA-exempt such as a NAFTA professional, ICT worker, etc.

    So yes, an ICT worker will get points, but someone on a Spousal OWP, or Bridging OWP won't get points.
  8. I meant your PR application is already in progress and your closed ICT WP expiring and you go ahead with BOWP - Open WP option and continue to work for same employer to claim the job offer of 50 points ?
  9. You'd get the points when you applied, and yes, if you got an BOWP after that the points would continue to be valid.
  10. Thanks for clarifying..
  11. Just to clarify further - you would need to have submitted a complete application while your LMIA-Exempt work permit was still valid. If it expires after that, you can get a BOWP with no impact to your application.
  12. Got it....thanks.
  13. Is ICT worker excepted for offer letter requirement? Could you give some information on this ?

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