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2018 Outland(Spousal Sponsorship) file transferred to CIC Mississauga office

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Ben_alex, Mar 4, 2019.

  1. Which month did CIC receive your application? asking this because you may have sent it later than me.
  2. They receive on 24march 2019
  3. Okay great. I think they will process in due time and do process in batches. I think mine will still be transferred to NDVO. As well typically CPC-M asks for additional documents. Let us see how it goes.
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  4. Your app took way long to be transferred to CPC-M, i don't think they would further transfer it and have been working on most of the stuff. Hopefully you get Biometrics request soon because after that you'll receive PPR in no time. I've seen cases on this forum where the file transferred to CPC-M and a week after they got PPR and DM on the same day.
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  5. I really hope that this prediction comes true. :)
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  6. Application recieved -29 oct ,2018
    AOR1- 15dec
    File transferred to CPC,Missisuaga-7 jan
    Medical Request- 10 jan
    Medical passed- 20jan
    Sponsor approval - 15 jan .
    Since then no update .
    Principal applicant from india .
    Is there anyone who is in the same boat.
  7. have you tried raising a CSE or call them instead?
    Maybe they transferred it to NDVO, in which case expected time is 2-5 months since you hear from them. I didn't get any email when mine was transferred, i found out after talking to the them because i didn't get any confirmation email of my CSE.
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  8. System maintenance is scheduled for 16th, hopefully it brings some updates on applications and good news for the one who've been waiting.
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  9. Hello Guys! I’m an April applicant...I’m done with SA, BR, MR but my file isn’t transferred yet and is in Sydney! People who applied later have also got PPRs. Is there anyone in this group who’s still waiting for the file transfer? Or waited for a long time to get it transferred?

    Here’s my timeline, let me know if you can relate
    PA: India
    Received - April 25
    AOR- June 8
    BR- June 14
    SA- June 17
    MR- June 17
    BR done - June 20
    Medical given - June 19
    Medical passed - June 22
    No updates after that and when I called the IRCC, I got to know that they’re working on the BGC, but it’s still in sydney and not transferred

    Please help guys if you have any idea
  10. No not yet .Because we thought they would not reply if we enquire about the case processing within 12month time frame.But now its making us worried because most of the oct applicants have already got their ppr .and we are sitting here with no tranfer and no BGC start ..Thanks for your concern .We will try .
  11. My file was transfer to Mississauga after month of medical , they send me email for medical May 31, and transfer to Mississauga on 2 July . Hope you getting soon transfer email .
  12. I've been talking to them about my application since i filed it, any questions and i just ring them up. It just gets frustrating waiting hours to get connected on a bad day but still its better to ask them they are pretty helpful.
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  13. Oh ok .Can I contact them through IRCC web form ? Will It create further delay in processing our case or any trouble to us? Beacuse i tried reaching agent teo time through call but couldn't .So i am thinking of writing email to them for CSE .
  14. Web form is just for inquiries regarding your application, it wouldn't delay your application in any way. Call +16139444000 in the options menu get your call transferred to CIC, you've to press 1 then after it is transferred 2 1 1 0 with intervals (when the automated response is giving you options) and you'll be connected.
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  15. Oh ok and Thankyou so much .
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