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2018 Outland(Spousal Sponsorship) file transferred to CIC Mississauga office

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Ben_alex, Mar 4, 2019.

  1. Hello Friends, This thread is primarily meant for all who files has been transferred to CIC Mississauga in the recent months as this seems to be the trend. Let us proactively post our times lines here so each of us can get an approximate idea of next ( final) steps.
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  2. App Recvd: 7th Dec
    File trf to Miss : 27th Feb
    No update since thn in ecas or gc key for bgc.
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  3. App recd :Nov 23rd
    AOR 1 : Feb 4th
    SA : Feb 19th
    MR:Feb 20th
    Medical Complete: Feb 21st
    File Transferred : Feb 26th

    I checked quite a few forums/chat groups, . From what I have seem, the fastest is 3 weeks to PPR and longest is 2 months to PPR.

    Good luck folks and please keep updating this group with updates ( will be an encouragement for many)
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  4. App received - Dec 19
    Aor - Feb 12
    SA- FEB 27
    MR - FEB 27
    File transferred - 1st march to Mississauga

  5. DO you guys think we got lucky to get transferred in Mississauga? DO you really think our file will get wrap up and give PPR ASAP ?
  6. Hi guys :)

    App received nov 13th
    Just waiting to get my medical passed, I did them on March 1st. Biometrics done.
    App transferred on Feb 27th

    Eligibility started on gckey on February 17th
    Background check on gckey has been on since I was able to link my app on Jan 16th.

    What is your eligibility and background check?
  7. My timelines in my signature. I’ve had background check and eligibility started since AOR1 strangely enough. Transferred on 27th Feb.
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  8. Sorry I don’t see signature on my phone.

    Hopefully it s good news! I am hoping to see some update for the end of the week :)
  9. Sorry I don’t see signature on my phone.

    Hopefully it s good news! I am hoping to see some update for the end of the week :)
  10. From France and going to Québec

    App received - June 15th
    AOR - August 2nd
    MR - December 12th
    BGC started - December 17th
    Transferred to Mississauga - December 24th
    Medicals passed - December 31st
    CSQ received - February 7th

    And now we are waiting :)
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  11. Pro tip, if you’ve got a phone that can turn to landscape mode you can see people’s signatures.

    Yeah, I’m fingers crossed we’ll start to see PPR’s begin to drop in towards the end of the month. I beleive CPC-M are not the best at sending AOR2 so we may have to rely on ECAS for the processing stage to kick in before we know what’s going on with our applications.
  12. I am a little worried as we have seen only 2 ppl from NOV getting DMs. Hopefully by this weekend we can see few more ppl getting DM from Nov. That will give us tons of confidence that Dec app are not far away and as you said end of March we should start seeing Dec app gttng PPR or DM:)
  13. We’re well in to the process... this is just unfortunately the slowest part :( Hopefully what we’ve all read about Mississauga is true and we get processed fast. :)
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  14. Hope June apps will get PPR soon too :) Everyone says that Mississauga is faster, hope this is true.
  15. Have you had any updates via ECAS? It’s crazy how slow everything’s been since the move to Sydney. Thankfully everything’s seemed to start moving quicker now.
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