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2018 January applicants for PR (paper-based)

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by leolea, Jan 23, 2018.

  1. Jan 22 application receive
    Feb 22 Aor
    Upront medical
    July 3 2019 New medical request
    July 5 2019 medical done
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  2. seems like all "early" january applicants got their PPR already. next in line would be the later January applicants,,,, cheer up guys more PPR rain coming!
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  3. they just never do things in order...

    thats why we keep seeing May-Sept 2018 and a few 2019 applicants got their PPR already.
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  4. 2019 applicants?
    What’s their timeline does they have express entry or federal file?
  5. If I put 2018 and 2019 all together it means yes, they are all paper ! or the comparison is meaningless...

    that's why the overall processing time is 1 month faster now BUT it has nothing to do with Dec 2017, Jan/Feb/Mar applicants... Dec 17 are already 19 months and still a bunch of them are not completed yet...
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    i know, im just focusing on dec 2017, jan 2018 applicants. ofcourse im happy seeing PPR rain on march 2018 and onwards applicants, but im more happy seeing dec2017 and january 2018 applicants get their golden email.
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  7. So happy to see the PPR rain has finally arrived for remaining Jan applicants. If you’re Jan/Feb and still waiting, hold tight, yours is coming too!

    Congratulations everyone!
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  8. Told you leolea! yo uwill get PPR and you just got it! Congrats!:)
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  10. Are you inland or outland applicant?
  11. Inland
  12. Processing time changed to 18 months guys :)
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  13. Any January applicant still remaining without PPR?
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  14. Thanks for your reply and attention. My Ar 14 aug & Mp 23 may & I got pre arr on 17 June & thn RCMP clearances n submitted to ircc 08 days.
    How long my application will take , any
  15. Well done, Congratulations.
    So now you can retire and start your landing procedure!
    Wish you all the best :D

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