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2018 January applicants for PR (paper-based)

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by leolea, Jan 23, 2018.

  1. i have question regarding security check, how long cic will take to complete security check??
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  2. Please help me with the number to call cic, thanks
  3. 1 888 242 2100 (3-4-1-0)
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  4. ppr today. asked me to submit document in canada within 30 days but i am inside china beijing for travel.
    what to do
  5. AR Jan 25 2018
    AOR Feb 2 2018
    MR Jun 07 2018
    MP Jun 28 2018
    Pre arrival Aug 08 2018
    1st GU Jun 11
    2st GU Jun 12
    3rd GU medical passed Jul 11 2019

    Manitoba Inland 2 dep.
  6. Thanks. I am January 8 nothing after 2nd ghost update , no medical extension. i am having anxiety now.
  7. That’s sent by my lawyer through email last Wednesday but no receiving confirmation yet. I called them yesterday but the agent said it may takes 30 days for them to check your file n update the receiving
  8. I am manitoba and Jan 8 and 2 dependants. no medical extension yet. cant concentrate anymore.
  9. Wait for 1 week for ppr
  10. How long it takes for passport to come back . I sent my passport on 2 July . Am jan 29 2018
  11. i know what it feels, just try to keep yourself busy and stay positive. pretty soon youll get good news, you waited long enough for these and now its almost the finish line. you will get PPR this coming days
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  12. Hopefully my friend!
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  13. For sure I had same thing .
  14. Medical got extended!!:)
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  15. Got PPR, Jan 2018 applicant.

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