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2017 Dec / 2018 Jan applicants !ONLY!

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by leolea, May 27, 2019.

  1. Did you call to ask them what was ghost update for?
  2. Yes. Agent told me security passed nd everything looks good just waiting for final review.
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  3. Haha I'll name mine. Maybe Janeteen for Jan 18 lol :D:D
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  4. I called cic agent 3 days ago.. said everything is fine..i asked if i need to do remedial again . He said no u won't need to.. if needed we will extend it.. and i asked more updates he said.. even if there are any updates i am not allowed to share since they r not posted online.. He says background check is in progress
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  5. 12.14 received
    02.06 FN
    05.18 MER
    05.29 MEP
    07.26 pre-arrival
    05.26 GU
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  6. 12.14 received
    02.06 FN
    05.17 MER
    06.12 MEP
    07.26 pre-arrival
    06.03 GU
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  7. Hope there will be more good news for December applicants this week :)
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  8. sounds great!

    people who got Ghost Update last Saturday got ppr today!

    you will be done this week :)
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  9. Hopefully as I got ghost update on 14 May still waiting everything’s passed hope it’s done this week
  10. I'll bet $10 for most 2017 Dec applicants getting PPR within two weeks.
  11. Thank you! Lets hope for the best!
  12. Majority have got ppr alreadu
  13. 01.19 received
    02.22 FN
    06.04 MER
    06.24 MEP
    08.10 pre-arrival
    When I checked my application of pr on IRCC phone today. They said that unable to find my application. I don't really know what is going on.
    do you guys think that is kinda ghost update?? I can't check my cic application without my agency. That's why I usually check my application on IRCC call centre.
  14. Same happens to me, also for few people I spoke with, I think they have some issues with the system
  15. Same here , AR Jan 03. Unable to find your information.

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