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2017 Dec / 2018 Jan applicants !ONLY!

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by leolea, May 27, 2019.

  1. If you call and ask them regarding the ghost update they will tell you what was it for
  2. True .. veedit, what's your timeline? Single or dependent?
  3. AR dec 7 2017
    Medical request 4 may 2018
    Medical passed 19 may 2018
    Ghost update 14 may 2019

    Called and asked them regarding ghost update they told me everything’s passed and clear but still the application is open and in progress no dm yet still waiting for the golden mail. Fingers crossed
  4. Oww, hopefully you will get decision soon.. anyways are you single or have dependents?
  5. probably the same as you regarding the ghost update. tired of calling them and I think calling doesnt help if I am still within their "NORMAL" processing time
  6. Single
  7. Heheheeh that’s right that’s what they say always
  8. AR: Dec 07 2017
    Aor: Feb 02 2017
    MR: May 14 2017
    Mp: may 28 2017
    Walying for ppr
    I call the cic later week they said my security check has paseed and they are reviewing if I need some additional requst or not before ma king final decision but they said still need to wait more time..
  9. AR January 12 2018
    AOR February 19, 2018
    MR June 19, 2018
    MP July 6, 2018
  10. Same for me all assessments done and told me to wait
  11. Did you get ppr or dm?
  12. No not yet still waiting how about you ? Any updates ?
  13. Nope still waiting sadly
  14. Hi,
    Dec 18,2017 - Sent PR application
    Feb 2018- AOR
    May 22, 2018- Medical request and sent May 30,2018
    June 2018- PCC done.
    April 2019- got married and added my spouse to my application.
    My medical is about to expire in 1 day and still didn’t get any update from them?
    The online application still says in process.
    Anyone in the same boat?
  15. Hello, please can you answer me anyone?
    I got a request letter from CIC Ottawa, they are asking my self and my wife current place of residence , they mentioned "we will make an appointment for you" in request letter now I am in Canada and my wife is in India. In my CIC account there is not any updates, even they are not requested to send passport, but I checked in google "check PR status" there showing "decision made"
    I sent both of us residential address to
    CIC-OTTAWA-IMMIGRATION@cic.gc.ca on may 24th

    So what is the next process?
    When they will contact me?

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