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Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by rohitoarxl, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. I worked in 12 months but only 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off. Would that be considered 12 months or not?
  2. I have a question
    So I have a 6 month experience at a retail store as a oart-time store manager and the total hours I have worked there is 571(which is equivalent to just over 4 months full time work with 30hours/week ). At my current job I have been working for 6 months as well and I work full time 37.5 hours per week. I have accumulated 1350 hours here. So I have a total of 1921 hours. Can I apply today ? Or should I wait for March
  3. You don't have a year of work experience yet. You need to wait another two months.
  4. I have an interesting case:
    My full time (40 hours per week) work experience for CEC is from Jan 5 to Dec 31 2016. I worked 361 days. I contend that this is not technically a year, but I did work in all 52 weeks. I am 4 days short of one year, which if you pro-rate over that one partial week, then I worked 3/7 * 40 = 17 hours that week. Do I have good chances of succeeding in my application if I am 23 hours short in that week or 4 days short overall in the year? My record of employment shows 2600 hours over the last 52 weeks. Would a VO really be that strict about my eligiblity given that I went from study permit to post graduation work permit to PR after one year of work? Is that not within the spirit of the intended immigration program for retaining international students?
  5. Your case is not that unusual, but it is borderline. You are right, you technically do not meet the 1 year minimum requirement, but you are short by just a couple of days. Some people have succeeded, others have not. In your case, you could give it a try - it would be a gamble and depend on the VO, though, so there's no guarantees.
  6. I worked fulltime (40 hrs/week) for a University as a lecturer from February 02, 2013 to December 30, 2013. Then I applied for unpaid study leave and came to Canada for my M.Sc. in Dec 31, 2013. My study leave was valid for 1 year. I never renewed my study leave. I did not take any vacation during that work period. Can I show this experience as 1 full year?
  7. No - this isn't 1 year of work experience unfortunately. You need a full 52 weeks to make it 1 year.
  8. I have another interesting case.
    I got my PGWP on June 7th, 2016. Have been working since then and this week, hopefully I will fill up 1,560 hours for CEC. So here's my question: When can I submit my EE profile? on June 6th? or June 7th of this year? Due to that new rule for siblings and french scores taking effect on JUNE 6th, I am a bit worried.
  9. what does this have to do with a question on 1 year experience ? Maybe wait for a reply to your separate post .
  10. This is not "interesting," but a misunderstanding of the eligibility criteria. The rule is one year of full-time work, where full-time is defined as "30 or more hours per week." Doesn't matter if you work 30, 40, or 80 hours per week, it is all the same, full-time.

    For people who work part-time (defined as fewer than 30 hours per week), the equivalent # of hours of one year of full-time work is provided, 1560 hours. By definition, it will take longer than a calendar year to accumulate the full-time equivalent of one year when working part-time.
  11. For some occupations, this is the normal schedule for full-time workers. As long as this is explained in your letter of reference, and you have accumulated 1560 hours over 12 months, then it will be accepted as one year.
  12. I dont think you understood my question. As I mentioned above, I almost fill up 1,560 hrs since June 7th, 2016 and waiting to submit my EE profile this June(a full year). In other words, I will meet up the criteria, 1 year and 1,560hrs. I just wanted to know when exacty we call its one year passed especialy in my case. I call it interesting because on June 6th, some people could get extra points from their french test score and sibilings in Canada.
  14. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND why you keep saying I do not meet my 1 year of full time experience within 52 weeks. Do I have to be more specific about my case?

    here goes.
    with NOC B job,
    I have worked more than 30 hours every week since my PGWP approved and hours will be filled up this week. However, I will keep working over 30 hours every week and in June I will submit my profile.

  15. 1 Year equals 365 days so June 7th through June 6 th is exactly 365 days according my calculation so in my view given you would not complete 1 year until June 6th day has finished you could apply from June 7th 2017 onwards and not before. Whether you have completed 1560 hours or not before this which of course you have is irrelevant as its completing exactly 1 year/365 days that is really important as well as the min 1560 hours.

    It is possible CIC might be lenient for sake of a day nobody here can say but fact is until June 7th you would not have completed exactly 1 year so it is your decision whether to submit or not just before the actual one year is up given by the time CIC get around to your application the one year will be well past.

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