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Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by rohitoarxl, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. hi All:

    I just noticed that the work experience requirement has been changed to 30hr/week which works out to 1560 hrs for the year..so If i did accumulate the 1560 hours in less than a year ..can i still apply under CEC right away or do i have to wait for a whole year and then proceed?

  2. Nope - you need to wait until you have a whole year.
  3. where do u get this information on work experience changed to 30hrs/week???
  4. It right on the main website! You must have at least 12 months of full-time, or an equal amount in part-time, skilled work experience. Full-time work means at least 30 hours of paid work per week.

  5. it's not 1560 hours or 1-yr of experience. it's 1560 hours AND 1-yr of experience. so you need to wait until you've worked for 12 months to apply
  6. As I had started one more post earlier, I have 2 weeks short for one year and worked almost 45hours/week, someone had applied previously who has 10 days short and her PR got approved.
  7. Maybe so sksr, but the rule states "You must have at least 12 months of full-time (1560 hrs), or an equal amount in part-time, skilled work experience. Full-time work means at least 30 hours of paid work per week". Some maybe lucky enough to have gotten approved, but it may not be the case for others. Better safe than sorry.

    Like we said: 12 months and 1560 hours.
  8. That someone got lucky, but you can't count on it. It should be a minimum of 12 months of work.

    On the other hand, if you have no other options and are willing to risk the application fee, there's nothing stopping you from trying.

  9. Is that for Intetnational students or Foreigen workers?
  10. I was speaking for the worker stream, as I don't believe the rules for graduates have changed (yet).
  11. There is no longer a "post-graduate stream" or "foreign workers stream", there is only one set of requirements.
  12. Just noticed that as well! Brilliant...no more confusion. Thanks for pointing it out jes_ON.
  13. thanks for the replies! will wait till may and apply then!
  14. Sorry to drag this up again, but I had a follow-up question.

    Given that it says 12 Months = 1560 hours, therefore 24 Months = 3120 hours. If I have 1Y10M experience with 4,188 hours, does this count? What if I had 1Y11M30D (1 day short of 2 years) and 4,478 hours? This should equal to 34.4 months based on the CIC requirements.

    Any guidance on this?
  15. 1 year 10 month is 1 year.

    1 year 11 months and 30 days can be counted as 2 years.

    Regardless whether you work 30 or 90 hours in a week - it's still only counted as one week and you need 52 weeks of experience to make 1 year. You can't carry extra hours over to make another week.
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