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Time after interview

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Gotchaa, Oct 4, 2007.

  1. I had an interview for PR under spouse sponsorship family class visa two weeks ago. They gave me back all my original documents and didnt keep the passport as well. How long does it take for them to give me news about their decision? Not retaining my passport means the decision might be of refusal?

    Will appreciate some feedback on that. Thanks!
  2. Gotchaa,

    Difficult to answer without knowing where you interviewed, how long your application's been in and how you felt after the interview! :)

    I can say it differs from office to office - some interview fairly early in the process and others leave it until near the end. So if your application hasn't been in that long maybe they didn't keep your passport because it's an "early interview" office and there's no need to worry.

    As for the time taken for a decision after an interview, on these forums I've seen everything from visas issued on the spot to it still taking several months after.

    I know that doesn't really help but I hope it makes you feel better!
  3. Hello
    The same thing happened to my husband at the end of his interview they gave him back all his stuff like pictures an stuff like that. But did not take his passport. I think it was only a week or 2 later when they called him and told him to come in for his visa and to bring his passport with him then. So that is not bad news. I am sure you will get a call to pick up your visa soon.

    Good Luck
  4. Thanks for your replies. It does help me feel a bit better. I have been interviewed in Islamabad, Pakistan office. My application has been in process since last week of January 2007. So fairly enough time has gone by for any priliminary interview as such in my opinion. I was wondering just to feel optismitic that why would they take two weeks just to refuse my application? Do they have to do alot of paper work for refusing an application as well? The more days go by more hopeful i am becoming that it might be a positive answer from them. But still, my interview wasnt very comfortable. The interviewer was a pakistani and suspecting me of marrying a canadian white woman for the sake of visa. I did contest his arguement but i couldnt change his narrow vision towards cultural norms of my country. Thanks once again for your comforting replies. I appreciate it a lot. Wish you all good luck. take care
  5. hi! same with me. just had an interview last Sept. 12, and after the interview the IO gave me back all our stuffs and told me to submit 6 pics (ASAP), and background/security check will follow. The IO also told me that she can't tell when they will give me my visa.
    My timeline:
    June 13, 2007 - start processing permanent residence visa

    Do you think that i passed the interview and that my visa will come soon?

    thanks so much!

  6. hi, i can safely say congratulations to you since they have asked for your pictures and told you that security check will follow and your timeline went pretty fast as well. You will hear a good news very soon I am sure. Wish you good luck once again. take care
  7. Hello Gotchaa!
    Really?! Thanks so much! I'm really praying for that good news to come soon! :)
    Thanks again and Take care too! :)
    Keep in touch!

  8. Its been more than 20 days now since i had an interview in Islamabad, Pakistan as an applicant for PR under family class. They did not keep my passport and gave back all my original educational documents back along with passport. The interview was taken by an pakistani male. The feeling which i got after an interview was pretty depressing since the interviewer thought i married for the sake of visa. I dont feel to write my whole story here. Just want to know do they take 20 days just to refuse an application? has anyone got a refusal in more than 20 days after an interview?
  9. Hello,

    I am new to the whole process and was wondering if anyone had any information reagrding the types of questions asked in an interview beyon all the ones posted on the various web-sites. I was wondering if they get into personal background type questions and how they generally determine if a relationship is of convenience or not.

    What are the best tips and advice, information can anyone provide me? I appreciate any feedback and have been enjoying reading about all of your experiences.
  10. Hello everyone.
    Almost a month after an interview I received a phone call from Canadian High Commission in Islamabad, asking personal information about wife of my spouse's ex husband! I don’t know his wife or even him as such. What are they thinking about? Actually I am from Pakistan and ex of my spouse was a Pakistani as well. She had sponsored him and he went on welfare and my spouse ended up paying the debt. We have told everything about it to CIC already. I even applied for visit visa after my marriage and I was told by Canadian High Commission to apply for PR through my spouse sponsorship. That was in 2006. So we applied, and it’s almost a year now and no decision has been made on my application yet. Ex of my spouse married a Pakistani woman later on after divorcing my spouse and he sponsored her from Pakistan to Canada on PR. The "locally hired tunnel versioned interviewer" in Islamabad suspect me of being a gang member from Pakistan who marry Canadian citizens and then get PR and divorce them and later on bring more Pakistanis like that! I am suffering for being suspected of marriage of convenience. Thanks to my country men for being famous for using infamous means for landing in Canada and abusing the system, while CIC on the other hand could only agonize those who are truthful and sincere about themselves! I don’t need to marry a Canadian for the sake of visa. If I wanted to go to Canada on immigration I would have done that through skilled class long time ago, as I still make more than 85 points on that. I never applied for even a visit to Canada before I got married. So how come they suspect me of interested only to land in Canada so that I can smuggle Pakistanis later on. I am an MBA from the most distinguished institution in Pakistan and working as qualified investment manager in the government department here for the last ten years. I got a decent pay as well. I have multiple USA visa for five years. I have been abroad for trainings already. Yet in their view I married a Canadian white divorced woman just to get PR for Canada. Needless to say I have received QSC (Quebec Selection Certificate) long time ago. Means CIC or MICC in Canada has no issue with me or my wife sponsoring another Pakistani husband, but the local office in Pakistan is very much upset about it. I think CIC/MICC gave green signal to sponsor just to avoid burden of refusing an application. They have hired local people for interview because they are sick and tired of obnoxious and idiotic interviewees from Pakistan on daily basis. They should think that if I wanted to go to Canada on PR shouldn’t have I find a woman who has no past record for previous marriage, or sponsorship and things like that? That would have been much easier for me. Or I may have found a Pakistani origin girl who is a Canadian citizen or have PR. I married my wife during the period while she couldn’t sponsor me. We got married in 2004 and she was able to sponsor me in 2006 after paying off her obligation. She visited Pakistan twice during the last three years and we lived together as husband and wife. I have provided each and every document that has been asked from me by CIC and Canadian High Commission in Islamabad, from time to time. They are unable to swallow the fact that a Pakistani guy, who has never married before, could marry a divorced white Canadian woman just for the sake of his love for her and is sincere in carrying on with his life with her and kids for the rest of his life. She can’t live in Pakistan because she got two kids and she cannot just leave them there. I don’t wish my wife and kids to suffer living in Pakistan, with all the nonsense and security issues going on in here. Their quality of living standard will be severely affected here. Its better for one person of the family i.e. me, to adjust in Canada rather than asking those three who do not know the local language, to live all by themselves while I am at work from nine to nine. May I mention here that my relationship started on internet since 2000 and it took us a while to really be sure about ourselves to marry? We got married in Pakistan in front of all my family members and relatives under Islamic law. We have the CD of it and I sent the photographs of our marriage and normal pictures with me, my wife and my family members. Yet the locally hired interviewer asked me the dumbest question. I had mentioned that almost 70 people were there in our wedding. He told me that he is concerned he doesn’t find 70 people in the photographs. I didn’t know whether to cry or laugh at his question. I said I have brought the CD of our wedding with me, why don’t you count the people in it? The pictures I sent you were not taken for the purpose of immigration they were taken by my nieces and nephews. These are amateur pictures. They didn’t realize that they had to capture all 70 people in the photographs because you will be asking me about that in the interview! By the way all of my family members are present in the pictures except for some distant relatives who were sitting a bit far from the centre stage at wedding ceremony. Could anyone tell me if the visa office is pondering upon to find a valid reason to refuse my application? Am I right in thinking that they are all hot and bothered because they are unable to find a reason to refuse my application yet? Do they need a solid reason to refuse otherwise if I appeal they might be concerned that it will be accepted and that will put them in trouble with CIC in Canada? Should my wife call someone in Islamabad and talk directly as to why they are not giving me the visa yet? Because we are being patiently waiting as a decent couple and never bother them with questions about status.
  11. hello people! come on please give me so feedup. I need to know your views as well. I still havnt heard anything from Canadian High Commission in Islamabad. Its almost nine months since our application for sponsorship started processing and more than a month now since i had an interview as well. My medical will be expiring in the first week of November 2007 as well :( Means I wont be able to be with my wife during Christmas and New year?
  12. I couldn't even begin to guess what could be happening with your application and I doubt anyone else can either.

    I think it's a good idea that your wife give them a polite call and see what's happening. If you can't get a response then I would suggest you try applying for your CAIPS notes although obviously that will take a few weeks to process.

    Sorry I can't be of more help.
  13. hi Gdaymate, thanks for replying you r a big help infact. What is CAIPS notes actually? what purpose do they surve and what is the rational behind asking for them?
  14. You're welcome. CAIPS stands for Computer Assisted Immigration System, part of the system used by the Canadian Immigration offices to process visa applications outside Canada. (FOSS notes are the same thing for in-land applications.) Many applicants request them and it doesn't affect your application in any way.

    The notes contain your all immigration information, eg the status of your case and required documents (received or not, valid or invalid, etc) and the visa officer's comments on your case. It will be in an abbreviated and coded format but there are lists of interpretations on various forums to help you decode them.

    The notes would show if there are any outstanding matters such as security checks not finalised or if the visa officer has doubts about your relationship - just examples, not saying I think either is applicable to your case! - but at least it might give you an idea what could be outstanding if a phone call doesn't get you anywhere.

    You can find the form and instructions to request them here http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/pdf/kits/forms/IMM5563B.pdf
  15. Thanks again Gdaymate! I will look into that after my wife calls Islamabad. take care

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