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Time after interview

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Gotchaa, Oct 4, 2007.

  1. please someone help me!

    Im a pakistani woman my husband lives in canada, we applied for permanant resident visa in march on april i got ctandard letter of conformation that embassy has received my documents n that tehy take 6 months to complete the spousal visas ..as I m the second wife of my husband he divorced his first wife he also sponsered his ex-wife but for her application total time embassy took were 5 months but now i m waiting from 8 months that processing didnt complete. in the end of august they asked for my husband's and his ex's divorce certificate and my husband's n mine pics , after a month they asked for divorce order, ...i requested them to complete the processing before my medical expires but they refused to do that, and in the month of october my medical expired. now please someone tell me that now how much time they will take to complete further and they havent yet send the medical instructions. please someone gudie me what should I do now to speed up the processing time????
  2. Mrs.xyz, our case seems to be similar expect the gender of our spouse. You will be called for an interview in coming months once you paper work is all complete. You should go to:
    you may find the required information about your case but to limited extent. I am afraid there is not much you can do for the time being but to wait for their response. Enquirying about your case before the specific time is useless. Presently Islambad is finalizing 80% of the PR applications of Family Class Sponsorship in 9 months. You should count your period from the date of the first letter you received from Islamabad office. As you mention you received a letter in April 2007 so according to my calculation its around 6 or 7 months that they started processing of your case. Two more months to go before the standard processing time expires. My medical has also expired and my time line has crossed their maximum limits. They do not give importance to any of such things. Once the standard processing time is lapsed for your case then your husband or yourself may enquire about your case through email. Before that its useless. Where does your husband live in Canada? Is he residing in Quebec province because that might add extra time to your process for availing Selection Certificate from Quebec. As per my experience, they suspect second marriage sponsorship as a scam to go to Canada, that is why they look for every reason no matter how absurd, to try to refuse an application. I understand your frustration more than you can imagine because I am going through the same torment of waiting without any news and apprehensions are engulfing me day by day. Yet I havent lost hope because my marriage and relationship with my wife is very genuine and they just cant swallow this and are baffled because they are unable to find even a stupid reason to refuse my application yet! Please dont worry too much and be patient, your case has a very big positive attribute, your gender, which will definitely get your application approved eventually. According to pakistani culture, pakistani woman does not marry outside pakistan just to go to Canada, usually. Pakistan men do that and that is why I am being suspected of such a shameful act as well. Plus, your husband is a Pakistani I presume, which also makes your case less suspecious than mine since my spouse is french canadian white woman. If he has married a white canadian before then it might be a little bit longer for your case to be finalized. Because they will think that he married to get PR and later divorced her and now wants to bring you to Canada, which might have been his actual goal since the begining (Thats how they think in Islamabad). All the staff in Islamabad is of Pakistani orgin who try to act and behave as if they are whiter than whites, but dont think like them, sorry to say.
  3. thanx allot...for ur information..i m sorry to hear that u r going thru the same pain as i m.....i m sorry for that...welll.plz let me know about ur interview n after how many months they called u for the interview....in my case they also called me but asked me to send the original divorce certifiactes of my hisband n his ex...first they asked for divorce certificate...n after a month the asked for divorce order after n that was the last response...after that did no communication with me..i dont know how much time still i have to wait??? if u do have more info plz do let me know thanx allot
  4. Mrs. xyz, they have asked me the same kind of documents and later on sent me a letter to appear for an interview. After i sent them the documents it took them two months to call me for an interveiw. The interview date was for one month forward so all in all i had to wait for three months to appear for an interview. These days they are taking 9 months to finalize 80% of sponsorship cases. But my case is still in process and more than 10 months have gone by. So you can imagine there is no defiinite timeline which you can be sure of about your case. Since your spouse has a previous marriage situation, it might take longer than usual, as it is being happening with my case. Just dont get frustrated and hang on strongly. Try not to think too much about it and keep your self busy so that time pass faster, otherwise you will get crazy as I have gone crazy. Wish you all the best. And I am not saying that just to make you feel good, YOU WILL HAVE THE VISA TO BE WITH YOUR HUSBAND EVENTUALLY AND MOST PROBABLY VERY SOON! take care.
  5. Gotchaa,
    When my husband went to his interview, he did have his passport kept by the Embassy office. He had all the supporting documents and photos returned to him. Coincidentally, I had gone for a visit and was there with him at the interview. He talked with the interviewer less than 25 minutes.
    It is no surprise that they would check into all previous history to do with ex-spouses etc., they look into everything, as it should be.
    After the Embassy received our application package, it only took them a few weeks to call my husband to tell him his interview date that would be 6 weeks after that. Then 2 more months went by and they contacted him for more information who his officers were in the miliatary and where the office was, to confirm his clerical, non-combat office duty to discount any "security threat" from his military service. As far as I know this is the only thing they are waiting on as we have not been told there is any other issue. They have taken the last 9 months to get an answer and they have not been forceful about someone giving a reply.
    This seems like a simple thing but if your application has one detail that they are stalled on, it could go on and on like this if the Embassy does not push for the information.
  6. This is so crazy! there should be some way to persue them to proceed quickly. Why isnt there any accountability for them? We should do something about that. Wish you all the best LCS. Hopefully you will hear good news soon. take care
  7. Gotchaa,
    You ask: "Why isn't there any accountability for them?" hahahahaha This is the Government we are talking about and they seem to think, on SO MANY levels, they do not have to be accountable to us. It's called the God complex when it comes to the Government.
    That's why I have contacted my MP. They are the representive for each of us in our regions and if there is a concern with something in another branch of the Gov't, they are the ones who can press for an answer when there is no action from another department.
  8. I will ask my wife to locate the MP before hand in case we need that. How do we find that out by the way? Where should we write and call to know who will be helping us in the matter?
  9. Tell her to just search on the internet for her local Minister of Parliament for her address, or call a Government Information number and ask. Ask neighbors who is the area MP and then get the address from the internet. Each MP has their own website.
  10. Does anyone know for how much time the embassy in Islamabad remain close for chirstmas and new year? Since my application has gone beyond their required timeline, I was wondering if they do not make decision till end of this month then then i shouldnt be hopeful to hear from them till January 2008. Or do they work in December as well?
  11. can someone put some light on this old thread, it might be helpful to me and other... how long is normal after interview? What are the sequence of steps after interview. My understanding is:

    Eligibility starts at interview which means approval or rejection.
    After approval, eligibility pass and then comes Background/Security check.
    If that pass then comes Medical
    then passport request.

    but the thing is how long for each step is normal?

    please comment if you know.
  12. Hi every one

    I have a quistion if some 1 can answer..

    Any 2012 aplicant have interview request from CIC Islamabad?
    CIC didnt mentioned anywhere they are curently working on which files for interview..
    They only mentioned interview que is very long so aplicant have to wait 9 10 months some times 12 months but its now 2014 so any 2012 aplicant already atend interview? Am woundering if CIC still woking on 2011 aplicants for interview...
  13. My wife is from Africa Ethiopia and had an interview one month ago. for PR under spouse sponsorship family class after 18 month submitting my application. They didn't gave her back all her original documents and they keep the passport as well. How long does it take for them to give me news about their decision?
    On there website it says processing time 20 month. my application will be 20 month on December 16.
    Will appreciate some feedback on that. Thanks!

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