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Succesful INLAND Spouse/Residence Application TIMELINE - Case story.

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Anatolia, Aug 1, 2008.

  1. I thank you all who can give me some assistance in this matter.

    I am a Canadian Citizen. My husband is Peruvian Citizen. He came to Canada with a Visitors Visa (Multiple entry) In March of 2008 (this year). We got married shortly after.
    We did the sponsorship of SPOUSE INSIDE Canada. Sent it by XPRESSPOST to the Vegreville Centre. Received June 8th, 2008. I also sent a renewal of VISITORS VISA (to be extend, because it expires Sept 13th, 2008)

    We have not received a letter, or anything. I Know this takes time but I am worried, I just want to

    A. want to know if they have the application (nothing on the web site)
    B. That they will be sending some kind of extension to the Visitor VISA(at least a denial!) ( I am happy to report that we received his Visitor Visa Extension for 6 months AUGUST 25th, 2008)

    Is this normal of them? Should I be expecting anything now that is August 2008? And what about the VISA? Any thoughts? Help? Ideas?

    Greatly appreciated!

  2. Re: Husband in Canada as visitor with PR application IN already


    You won't receive anything at all until the application reaches Approval in Principle, 4/5 months after receipt.

  3. Re: Husband in Canada as visitor with PR application IN already

    Thank you PMM for your answer and for all you do to help strangers!

    ADD: So you are saying they take 5 months to even get a reply. So it means that we have to trust that their system, that they are actually doing something about it, that it didnt get lost, etc. And also, They received this extension of PRV June 3rd and we still havent received anything. So there is a change that my husband will be here (come Sept 13th) WITHOUT legal standing. Is this it, PMM? So they can legally kick him out of Canada Sept 14th, jsut because they are back up and cant handle the requests? This is sad!!!
  4. Re: Husband in Canada as visitor with PR application IN already


    Well assuming that you send it by recorded delivery, there is a minuscule chance that Vegreville would lose it, but you have proof of your sending it. Assuming PRV means visitor visa extension request and it was sent separately, it takes 86 days, and he has implied status until he receives a reply.

  5. Re: Husband in Canada as visitor with PR application IN already

    Well thank goodness for the "implied" status! Thank you again PMM.
    One thing I have been seen pop up in this forum is the OPEN WORK PERMIT. Funny thing it is very well hidden in the CIC web page. As if they dont want us to know!.

    When we sent the whole PR application + the extension of the Visitors Visa, I didnt know about this, and my husband is interested in working (he is getting awfully bored doing repair work around the house). What do you suggest I do?? Maybe I can send the application to Change Existing conditiions, or to do an initial work permit? and send it to Vegreville with OPEN work PERMIT on the top of the application? Is this what you would do now if you were in my situation? What do you think?
    Thank you for your patience with all of us, lost and desperate people! Your input is invaluable.
  6. Re: Husband in Canada as visitor with PR application IN already


    Send the IMM 1249 to Vegreville so they can marry up to your file, and they will process it when they do the Approval in Principle.

  7. Re: Husband in Canada as visitor with PR application IN already

    Thank you so much for the guidance, PMM. I will send the application in the next days. ... and wait our turn:) Good day.
  8. Re: Husband in Canada as visitor with PR application IN already

    Actually, it is not "well hidden" in the CIC website - it is right there in the Inland Sponsorship Guide that you would have read through when filling out your application. In Part Two/Applicant's Guide, Your Status in Canada, it says:
    Maintaining Legal Status in Canada
    You have two options available to ensure that your legal temporary status in Canada remains valid until permanent residence is confirmed:
    1. You can apply for both an extension of your temporary resident status and permanent resident
    status at the same time. If you choose this option, complete both an application to extend your
    status and an application for permanent residence. Be sure to include both applications and all the
    supporting documents and fees that are required in the same envelope.
    Note: The acceptance of your application for temporary resident status does not guarantee the
    acceptance of your application for permanent residence.
    2. You can apply to extend your temporary resident status separately from the application for
    permanent residence, but you must do so before your temporary status expires. You have legal
    status for the period of time indicated on your visitor document (work permit, study permit, visitor
    record) or temporary resident permit.
    Note: On February 18, 2005, the Minister announced a new public policy under which legal
    immigration status is no longer a requirement for spouses and common-law partners of
    Canadian citizens and permanent residents in Canada who wish to apply permanent
    resident status provided that they have an eligible sponsor. However, all other eligibility
    requirements continue to apply.
    Although out-of-status spouses and common-law partners may now apply for permanent
    residence in the Spouse or Common-law Partner Class, persons without legal immigration
    status in Canada are unable to work or study and may be subject to removal proceedings at
    any time for failing to have or maintain legal immigration status in Canada.
    Use the appropriate guide(s), to apply for an extension of visitor, worker, student or TRP status.

    As you can see - he was able to apply to extend his status by either means . . . submitting the extension WITH the inland ap, or separately. Since you submitted the extension prior to expiration of his temporary status, he still benefits from implied status until they make a decision on the extension. If you included information about having a PR ap in process, chances are good that his extension will be approved.

    Had you included the extension ap with the inland ap, you could have requested an open work permit instead of just extended visitor status. That's the real advantage to submitting the extension with the inland application. After first stage approval, the applicant is eligible to work - so including an extension request in the form of an OWP application means that CIC will automatically issue a work permit as the new temporary status document. If your partner wants to work after he receives first stage approval, he still can - he will just have to apply separately for the Open Work Permit and pay another fee.
  9. Re: Husband in Canada as visitor with PR application IN already

    Thanks for this info. I still don't see where the notion of Open Work Permit is put forth in a clear and obvious manner at all. Thank goodness for this site and you guys who are so forth coming of the information and say things clearly and to the point, and yes I wish I sent the OWP with the whole shebang but I had no clue this existed. I will keep ppl posted as my timeline progresses. Thank you Robsluv and PMM.
  10. Re: Husband in Canada as visitor with PR application IN already

    You are right - nothing specifically mentions an "Open work permit" in the info I quoted - but the extension application that you include with the PR application has the option to request an "initial work permit" - and this would not be the application someone would use to apply for a work permit from outside Canada. This type of work permit is classified as an "open" rather than "restricted" because only PR applicants who have been approved in principle can 1) apply for an initial work permit from within Canada, and 2) can work for any employer, as opposed to having to having to apply for a work permit for a job that has been HSRDC approved for the hiring of a foreign national.

    Once an applicant has received first stage approval, CIC sends them the info about applying for a work permit that is not restricted . . . unfortunately, they're not always particularily forthcoming about the "ins and outs" of all of these processes of theirs, so unless you have someone to tell you that you can include that work permit application (the extension of status ap) with your PR ap, to save time on the other end and to preserve your temporary status in the meantime, you wouldn't really know it. I guess this is info that some people get from their attorneys, or maybe from a knowledgeable Call Centre agent (although they're few and far between). Otherwise, you'd kinda have to extrapolate all that info from that bit of info from the inland guide that I quoted earlier - and I agree, it's hardly obvious there! That's why forums like this, where people share their own lessons and experiences with the process, are invaluable.

    Either way, you did okay. You submitted his extension ap prior to expiration of his status, so he is under implied status until they make a decision, and you got the PR ap in process first - which is important because it's what makes him eligible to apply to extend. The only downside is that it will take a little longer for him to get a work permit - and you'll have to pay an additional fee . . . but that's okay - you got the important stuff taken care of properly.
  11. Re: Husband in Canada as visitor with PR application IN already

    Visitors Visa Extension received August 25th, 2008. With a client Id, I wonder if this is HIS PR Client ID..Mmmm
  12. Re: Husband in Canada as visitor with PR application IN already


    My partner and I got the Approval-in-Principle today. Now we wait until Etobicoke decides to send us a letter for the interview.

    I hope you are all okay.


    PS We have sent today the Open work permit Application (it was returned to us because we sent $75 payment and it was supposed to be $150. I was told by the CIC Rep that it will take 75 days to receive it).

    Also We have requested the Medical Clearance form from the CIC call Centre to apply for the OHIP. We have been advised that we will receive it in 10-15 business days.
  13. Re: INLAND Spouse/Residence Application TIMELINE - Case story.


    Approval in principle is just the first stage of approval. You will continue to receive letters from Vegreville until the application is completed (most likely about around a year from the time you applied), and THEN you'll get a letter from Etobicoke for the landing/interview. The first stage of approval means your partner can receive an open work permit or study permit, which you have already applied for.

    You can use your partners client ID (as you saw on his work permit, and on the letter you just got), to follow the case online. It will be updated whenever the officer works on your file/makes a decision/sends a letter of request.

  14. Re: INLAND Spouse/Residence Application TIMELINE - Case story.

    HI AMB ( I saw your post on my issue in another thread! Thank you!!)
    However for other readers they should know that:

    We received a letter from CIC-Vegreville stating:

    "We are pleased to advise you that processing of your application has been completed. The CIC in Etobicoke will contact you concerning your permanent resident status"

    Which seems to be close to the end! YAY. I will keep you all posted.
  15. Re: INLAND Spouse/Residence Application TIMELINE - Case story.

    Today we received the Appointment letter for December 4th, 2008!
    We are very happy.
    PR Application was received June 3rd, 2008 to Vegreville (Spousal INland)

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