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Quebec Immigration - Skilled Worker Program

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by visaexpert, Jan 1, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    Anybody care to reply to my post above regarding an example scenario for education? I am sure that would help others who have similar confusions. Thanks.

  2. Hi Mcgyver!

    As far as I know,u won't get 28 points...it would rather be 22(10+12) because u cannot claim points for both Quebec diploma and level of education simultaneously...for ur further clarification take this example, we know one can get max. 28 poiints in education,let's say ur area of training gave u full 16 points,so...would it be 10+16+6=32 out of 28? Highly unlikely :)

  3. Hi Sidrat Khan!

    Plz reply at ur earliest...I really need ur info/help regarding French here due to lack of time and since v r from same territory v may have more or less same time-lines,that would really help both of us, in return if u have any query regarding points or procedure or anything related, I would be pleased to let u know about anything in my knowledge

    A bientot!
  4. Can anybody please help to calculate the points for us

    Education: Master of Commerce within the last 5 years
    Work Experience : Teacher for 7 months taught accounts and computer to class 6 to 10 standard students before marriage now housewife
    Age : 32
    Child : 1 ( 6 month old)
    English: fluent in written and spoken english but no certificate to prove at present. This was the primary medium of education.
    French: willing to enroll for learning if she scores enough points for application including adaptibility.
    Husband Education: Bachelor of Commerce (but working in IT networking since 6 years after doing some industry standard certifications)
    Age: above 35
    language. fluent in written and spoken english as this was the primary medium of education.
    french: already enrolled in a course
    finance: sufficient to support 2 adults and one child
  6. StillHope, thanks for the info. Few more questions.

    I am living in Chicago and we have canada consulate over here.. Can i apply for quebec immigration over here or i need to do that at buffalo? Any idea on that.
    Any benifits for H1b holders?
    and last dumb question is what is AOR?

    Thanks in advance
  8. As stillhope says AOR is receipt of your application by the BIQ or it is file number.

    But the full form of AOR is" Acknowledgement of receipt"
  9. Hello,
    Thank you very much for your help so far.
    I have gone through the Quebc Website for calculating point for education,Still i am confuse.
    I am applying for Quebec in near future.

    Here is the brief details about me and my wife.
    If you can calculate the point for Education that would be really great.

    Education : Bachelor in Electronics Engg (India), and Graduate Diploma in Computer Science (Ireland)
    Work Exp : Nearly 3 years of work experience as a Software Developer and Data Base Administrator.
    Age : 32
    Child : 1
    IELTS : I am able to get 6.5 over all
    French : Dont know but learn till Level 1 and 2 (Is it sufficient?), My wife doesn't know French (Compulsory for her to learn French?)
    She already got 6.5 band in IELTS General Module.

    Spouse Educaiton : Bachelor in Electronics Engg
    Work Exp : As a Lecturer in Engg College from more than 5 years
    Age : 32

    Looking forward to hear from you soon.

    Once again thanks a lot for your help.
  10. Thank you Quebec2011 and Stillhope.

    Earlier i asked following and stillHope you replied on that. I need bit clarification on that.
    Question: Should i wait for learning french and then apply for it or i can apply first and update my application once i get scores?
    Answer :Take a addmission in french school and send addmission receipt with your application and then appear in the exam later. when u will get your first aor then u can send update your file

    Following is picked from quebec site : /french-language/country-departure/index.html
    To speed up the processing of your application, enclose with your Application for a Selection Certificate an attestation relative to either one of the two tests recognized by the Ministère de l’Immigration et des Communautés culturelles (MICC) for assessing French language knowledge – either a Test d’évaluation du français adapté pour le Québec (TEFaQ) or a Test de connaissance du français pour le Québec (TCFQ).

    You can also submit an attestation for: the Diplôme d’études en langue française (DELF), the Diplôme approfondi de langue française (DALF), the Test de connaissance de français (TCF) or the Test d’évaluation du français (TEF). If you choose the TCF or the TEF, you must enclose an attestation of the results of both the oral comprehension test (mandatory test) and the oral expression test (optional test).

    New questions
    1) I need to take admission is which french school? where i live there is no french school. Do i need to take admission in one of the french school in Quebec in advance?
    2) Where i can register for TEFAQ or TCFQ?
    3) I have heard that normally you get AOR within few months what if by that time i have not completed my french certification. Can i send my updated scorr when ever i get result or it needs to be right away.
    4) While filling up the QSC form for application, i need to mention my french knowledge, what should be the safest value to show over there
    (Intermediate 5 or beginner level 1-4) how much points i will get if i put beginner level
    4) Do my wife needs to learn french too? i see she can apply for 4-6 points.

    Sorry for lots of questions and i really appreciate your help.
  12. I am not sure but Bachelor in Electronics Engineering(4 years) comes under Section C (Electrical, Electronics and Communication Engineer).
    Should i or my wife get any points for that?
    If i have completed master degree before 5 years that i wont able to get any point for that right?

    Thanks for quick turn around.
  13. Let me ask you guys about my point estimation, doesn't make any difference as my CSQ file has been open in May

    Level of Education:
    3.5 year bachelor degree (full time university) and post-gradutate 3 semesters (310h - weekends, not full-time)

    Areas of Training:
    Bach in Commodities science in animal production (to make a long story short its about food processing and quality assurance) (graduated Feb 2008)
    post-grad in network and servers administration (graduated Nov 2008)

    No job offer

    Work Experience
    1 year as a network administrator (NOC 2281), 10 months as a Inventory supervisor in Toronto (NOC 1215) from January - Information Security Administrator, also 2 months food-processing internships

    Age: 27

    French Language: minimal - marked 1 and 1 on application, gonna enroll with French course soon, hope to pass A1 next few months
    English Language: IELTS 7.5 general

    Stay in Quebec:
    one labour-day weekend ;-)

    Family in Quebec:

    No spouse, no children

    Financial Self-sufficiency signed

    Any estimation appreciated ;)
  14. Hello harit,

    Your degree comes under E category so that why Quebec 2011 gave u 0 points that is correct, I also want to correct about French language points, there is 2 points for a1 and 6 points for delf level a2.



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