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Quebec Immigration - Skilled Worker Program

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by visaexpert, Jan 1, 2011.

  2. The FSW file is in process , and would take another 6-8 months to process, or may be a 1 and a half, so its a long long waiting game.

    Well thanxs for ur update.Lets see our hopes r alive.....

    and yes +1 from me too, ur doing good job.
  3. Hi guys,

    With respect to the EMPLOYMENT/WORK EX points for CSQ, I wanted to know:

    1) Should the work-experience be "full-time"?

    2) How many working hours per week are considered by Quebec as "full-time"?

    3) Is an individual eligible to apply with a 6 month internship work experience in any field?

    Thanks in advance!
  4. Nevillek

    With respect to the EMPLOYMENT/WORK EX points for CSQ:

    1) Should the work-experience be "full-time?" You need a minimum of 6 months of FT experience or its equivalent in part-time.

    2) How many working hours per week are considered by Quebec as "full-time"? For CSQ, 30 hrs a week are considered as FT So, within the last 5 yrs prior to apply an applicant should provide a minimum of 30 hrs X 4 weeks X 6 months = 720 hrs. 720hrs minimum in any jobs, but NOC D

    3) Is an individual eligible to apply with a 6 month internship work experience in any field? Yes, internship is considered as work experience and all experience must be from any field except NOC D.

    Hope it helps.

  5. Hi Guys,

    I am a commerce graduate with 3-years diploma in computers from NIIT. I have 10 years of experience and presently working as a Business Analyst with a life insurance co.

    I have completed 1-year certificate course in French and currently pursuing Intermediate level from Alliance Francaise. My age is 31 yrs.
    What do you think are my chances if I apply through CSQ?

    Thanks in advance..
  7. Kaps1706, I think you have a pretty good chance..... why dont you get yourself evaluated online...


    Can u pls guide as to the payment methods, as the website doesnt mention the account or bank whose favour to draw the dd or cheque?
  9. helllo amit

    i m sending u the links

    this is the method of payment

    this is the address where u send all the documents

    Information about the Application for a Selection Certificate – Permanent workers

    hope this will help you

  10. The payment can be made through DD in the name of “Ministre des Finances du Québec” payable at any bank in Canada and must include, on the reverse side, the name of the applicant in block letters.
  11. Can u name a few banks please?
  12. @amitsmeet,

    Any nationalized bank in India or any foreign bank. I made from BANK OF INDIA.
  13. Hi Friends,

    I have few questions, please help me with it.
    I am thinking about immigration to canada but not sure which province is good for me. After few search i came to know about Quebec skilled program.
    Here is some information about me please guide me

    I have
    3 years bachelore's degree in computer application.
    My age is 28
    lead software developer with 7 years of experience. Currently in USA with H1B visa for last 4 years now.
    Married and my wife is also undergraduate with 3 years bachelore degree.
    My wife is also 28
    have 6 month old son.
    No french knowledge but based on post over here process is long so i can learn it before the interview.
    I recently gave TOEFL and scorred 90 out of 120 which is quite high i guess.
    And i have enough financial saving to keep my family for few months in canada.

    Please let me know if Quebec is not good for IT releated jobs. My search says there are few good companies but not sure so let me know.
    Do i make required points?
    Should i wait for learning french and then apply for it or i can apply first and update my application once i get scores?
    If i dont know french will be delay my processing time?
    do i need to take ILTS exam if i am living in usa for last few years and given toefl recently?

    Thank you for your help.
  14. Hi Visa Expert,

    Could please evaluate my profile:

    • MBA from University.
    • My age is 29 yrs, would be completing 30yrs in August 2011.
    • Working in the fields of supply chain and logistics for past 8 years. Currently working as national Logistics Manager with a Japanese firm in Delhi.
    • Married and my wife is engineer with b-tech in electronics. She is also working with an engineering firm. She is 27.
    • No kids.
    • English is good. Educated in this language.
    • No French knowledge but can make an effort to learn if there is a possibility of passing through.
    • And I have enough financial saving to keep my family for few months in Quebec.

    What do you think are my chances of getting through.

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