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Pulmonary Tuberculosis(Active/Inactive)-History,Sputum Tests,6 mos medication...

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by PTB, Jun 3, 2013.

  1. Thanks dude !!! i'll follow your advise 8)!
  2. good Luck for further process
  3. Here is my timeline:

    **August 2013 - Application Received
    **September 27, 2013 - Appication Processed
    **October 4, 2013 - Medical Exam Request (Unfortunately we did not receive the email from CIC on this day)
    **January 16, 2014 - Medical Exam Request (This time we receive the email from CIC)
    **February 18 (mine) and 21 (wife) 2014 - Medical Exam Done (She took her Med Exam in Canada. And I took my Med Exam in Cebu Doctors' Hospital)
    **February 28, 2014 - Request of PR fee and she paid it on the same day
    **April 21, 22 and 23 - Medical Furtherance Test (Sputum Test)

    The doctor's secretary said be going back to the clinic after 2 months for the result. What should I expect if the result is negative? What is the next step? And if the result is positive, should I take meds for 6 months? please englighten me. Thanks for the reply..
  4. after 2 months you will get sputum test results and after 3 month of medical done you need to do rexray
    if both are fine than your file will move further, do not worry most of cases results comes fine (as scar can be due to lots of reason)

    if TB found than need to go for treatment and later app can move

  5. Thanks Vats. Im really hoping the result is all negative of my Sputum Test. So that I will not undergo for months of medication. Last question, if the result is Negative what is the next step? Is it PPR? Thanks Again. ;) ;)
  6. Hello guys, got our passports today. I'm for medical surveillance for months, pero oks lang. Embassy received them April 21 and got them now.. For those still waiting, be patient and keep on praying for it..good luck to us..;-)
  7. congratulations
  8. Congratulations! :)
  9. Hello everyone, i just want to ask anyone who had experience or knowledge about this specially those filipinos who undergone medicals at slec global. We were informed by the nurse at slec global after 2 days of medicals of my husband that he is for pulmonary evaluation by a pulmonary specialist at slec in ermita and we have to bring his previous xray if any. I ask him whatwas the result of his xray he told me that the doctor will just explain. Do you think he will undergo sputum smear or culture in this case?All his previous xray 3 months ago and 1year ago was all normal. It just happened that he had colds and follwed by cough a week before his medicals but other than that he is ok. Anybody here experienced to undergone pulmonary evaluation and was not submitted to tb test like sputum culture/smear. My husband happens to have asthma also. Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi! I also underwent sputum test and have my x ray repeated. The doctor said I am already cleared. How long did you wait for the visa, from the time your hubby was cleared? thanks ...
  11. for my case it took @ a month
    i do rexray on 22nd of april and today get DM
  12. Hi guys, landed to canada last sat. Just want to share my landing experience. We arrived at vancouver, had a quick interview with the immi officer, good thing he's nice. He asked lng if all the people in the list landed altogether, no other dependent or previous marriage. You have to present your copr and the med survey form and passport. Wait for a few minutes then he'll give back the passport. Another thing, make sure you have an address of the place where you will staying because that is where they will send the PR cards. Another thing make sure you have alloted at least 2 and half hours for your next connecting flight after vancouver, because we missed our next flight bec we had to wait for our turn in the immi off. Tom i will be going to canada service to apply for our sin and health cards..good luck guys. Oh for those who have driver's license back at home you can use them for three months here while applying for a local license.. God bless us...;-)
  13. I NEED HELP PLEASE ENLIGHTHEN ME,, I AM REALLY LOSE HOPE. MY HUSBAND ADVICE TO GO TO PULMONOLOGIST after his smear sputum that takes 8 months and pass the sputum and now.....now advice to go to pulmonologist...pulmonologist advice he needs to do 6 motnhs medication. OH MY GOD NEVER ENDING WAITING. now my husband will send the result to IOM the findings and results from pulmo. i am asking to you guys if, he will do the 6 mos medication or he will just do medical furtherance here in canada I AM SO HOPELESS.HELP
  14. Do they found active TB?
    else he wont required medication. as you worte he pass the sputum than why he asked for medication?

    sputum required 3 months for results, check with medical center again

  15. hay friends what is medical survalience required?

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