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Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by Kayb, Mar 5, 2014.

  1. Hello please let's discuss our application here as this is a new stream. We need each other to be successful. Nova Scotia needs immigrants and we can take advantage.
  2. To apply visit
  3. Have they posted the processing times anywhere?
  4. no timeline for now, u have nothing to loose just send in ur application. goodwill.
  5. I am working in Qatar.

    What is the estimated consultancy fee for Canada based on PNP??
    Do anybody have experience with Alghoul & Associates law firm??
  6. Hi All,
    I heard that NSNP does not have a quota limit? am I right?
  7. hi , can u apply to NS and FSW at the same time???
  8. yes u can apply for both fsw and NSNP but you have to drop one at visa office stage.
  9. I will strongly advise you do it yourself the consultant will just be a courier it for u, u'll end up gathering d Docs and most of d work just ask for guidance here or other platform and u'll be good to go.
    I once applied for NSNP though got a rejection but they have superb system.
  10. Hi Guys,

    Does anybody know the exact residency obligation time frame about Nova Scotia Skilled worker stream? Cause it doesn't say anywhere, but on the form NSNP 100 – Application Form, it asks you inform the NS government of any address or phone change within the first 3 years :eek:

    So, does this mean we have to live there at least 3 years? Doesn't PR card give us the full right to move anywhere inside Canada?

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  11. Can you guys provide any information on settlement plan. What is it? And how to make it? Any samples if someone have and can provide would be greatful.

  12. Hey kayb,

    can you give me the reason , why your application for NSNP was rejected earlier ?
    A few pointers to keep in mind while applying will be deeply appreciated.

    Thank you.

  13. They will accept only 150 application in each occupation....Call NSNP office its confirmed.
  14. No, they put now quota they received lot of application so as of now they will accept 150 only in each..................may be they close very soon. :( bad luck :'(
  15. Reporting from China: my application package has been signed for today by someone named PARKER. (Could it have been Richard Parker the Tiger?) Good luck to all of you folks! Hopefully we can meet up in Nova Scotia soon.

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