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Need some help to check if employer is scam

Discussion in 'General - All Canadian Immigration' started by pretty_mom, Sep 21, 2011.

  1. Yes they are asking some fees amounting 177CAD in which i checked on a Canadian Immigration site was a standard amount for CAQ fee...And now I don't know were I can get any answer...they are expected me to come on January 03 2012...
  2. they are asking 177CAD in which was a normal fee on CAQ under farmer category found on this site....
  3. Hi

    1. The Cathy Ranch and Farms is legitimate, it has job openings on it's web site.
    2. I assume you were interviewed.
    3. Never heard of Wind Mill Immigration, but you should have to pay anything, other than for your medical exam, the CSQ $177 and the $150 for the work permit if accepted.
  4. Yes they have their own website, But I'm not sure if its legal also because they made it with free website "yola"..their agency counterpart also have the website windmillimmigration in which also made with "yola" free website...
  5. As a follow-up regarding the information posted by pretty_mom back in September, the 901 Victoria Square (Montreal) address for "Global Jobs Consultancy inc." happens to be the address of the W Hotel. That is more than a bit fishy.

    The following data is available through tools such as dnsstuff.com for a few of the websites mentioned in this thread:

    Built using "yola"

    Status: clientTransferProhibited
    Dates: Created 06-jun-2011 Updated 06-jun-2011 Expires 06-jun-2012

    Domain Admin ******** @ privacyprotect.org)
    ID#10760, PO Box 16
    Note - All Postal Mails Rejected, visit Privacyprotect.org
    Nobby Beach
    null,QLD 4218
    Tel. +45.36946676

    Also built using "yola"

    Domain name: cathyranchandfarms.ca
    Domain status: registered
    Creation date: 2011/09/07
    Expiry date: 2012/09/07
    Updated date: 2011/09/07

    Name: PublicDomainRegistry.com Inc
    Number: 3059041

    Name servers:

    Also built using "yola"

    Finding owner information on this site is quite difficult. They are blacklisted on surbl.org and whois information seems not to be available...

    Per robtex.com:
    Windmillimmigrations.com is a domain controlled by four domain name servers at oworested.com having a total of 17 IP numbers. Some of them are on the same IP network. The primary name server is ns4.oworested.com. Incoming mail for windmillimmigrations.com is handled by two mail servers at mailhostbox.com. Both are on the same IP network. windmillimmigrations.com has one IP number ( , but the reverse is

    Host-center.net, mongolica.mn, utobia.com, hss.co.in and dirak.co.in point to the same IP and also shares mail servers. Bonasses.net, ashishbansal.net, activaamedida.net, nguoiviethaingoai.net, thanhtungaudio.net and at least 198 other hosts point to the same IP. Wirelessorb.com, dhgrad.com, azizoptics.com, kuwait4.biz, almulaifi.net and at least 13 other hosts use windmillimmigrations.com as a name server under another name. Lucofffinancial.com, mahanaimoutreach.com, total-plc.com, undpc.com, abramovichgroups.com and at least one other host share name servers with this domain. Miniibagsh.mn, origo.mn, allmenscoats.com, rodium.net, mahavir-nx.net and at least 187 other hosts share name servers under another name with this domain. Ventu.net, trap17.com, tohuchar.com, viraatlabs.com, life-elements.info and at least 160 other hosts share mail servers with this domain. Thewineschool.com, citiwestvw.com, peachstand.com, emailshield.net, mentalinside.net and at least 170 other hosts share mail servers under another name with this domain.

    Through a variety of online tools, I was able to trace this website to a host called "softlayer.com" in Dallas, Texas... ...however, the IP address for the site ( goes to:
    network:Street-Address:Directiplex, Next to Andheri Subway Old Nagardas Road, Andheri (East)

    The fact that all of these websites were produced using yola, registered for the minimum time of one year, seem to have similar registrars, and in some cases have private registration data or blacklist issues could lead a reasonable and prudent person to have some concerns.

    I advise extreme caution with the above websites.
  6. Finally found it:


    Domain Admin (contact @ privacyprotect.org)
    ID#10760, PO Box 16
    Note - All Postal Mails Rejected, visit Privacyprotect.org
    Nobby Beach
    null,QLD 4218
    Tel. +45.36946676

    Creation Date: 06-Sep-2011
    Expiration Date: 06-Sep-2012

    Domain servers in listed order:

    (NOTE: Above is the same as globaljobsconsultancy.com)

    The similarities between these domains are simply amazing.

    My advice: Avoid.
  8. Hi JeanRobin,

    I'm certainly glad that the many posts by forum members contained in this thread have helped.

    There are a lot of legitimate firms out there but the immigration business seems to be attracting more shady operators these days. Sometimes they are set up in a very convincing manner.

    Good luck in your search and feel free to post if you need help. There are some really great people here that will do whatever they can to assist.
  10. All:

    If anyone still wants to have faith in Windmill Immigrations, aka "windmillimmigrations.com" then you should check out the "about us" page from the following company. Notice any similarities in the language, as well as the order of sections?


    I don't know if akbarmanpower.com is legitimate or not - they may be. Their site seems to have been harvested for content used within windmillimmigrations.com. Some content was slightly altered (location, etc) and some that wouldn't make sense was not carried over.

    And, while we are on the subject, here's where the home page content for Cathy Ranch and Farms, aka "cathyranchandfarms.ca" was harvested:


    Some locational edits were made and some content was not used from this site, but it's the same folks.

    Snakeroot Farm is a legitimate site. Cathy Ranch and Farms isn't.

    Here's where they got the photos and other data for the Cathy Ranch and Farms site:


    That's a legitimate sales listing for a property here in Quebec.

    Please be very careful about who you trust, even if they seem to have a legitimate website.

    These scams usually progress from small amounts of money to larger and larger amounts.

    Watch out when...

    • The agency contacted you; you didn't initiate the process. They might have contacted you after you post questions on the Internet, etc...
    • Promises are made that you will somehow receive priority treatment, or that your visa acceptance is "guaranteed"...
    • The agency address does not appear when searched on Google or another mapping service...
    • Their phone number returns "no record found" when searched in a reverse directory such as http://www.411.ca/ or a similar service located in the country where the business is based. This probably means that you are dealing with a cell phone or an online number rather than a landline. Not good if you are supposedly working with a reputable agency...
    • They are using disposable email addresses (gmail, yahoo, etc)...
    • They ask for payment only via a money transfer service...
    • There is always "something else" needed, and you experience delay after delay - delays that can be solved if you just send in more money...
    • They provide you with only scanned (email or faxed) documents / approvals rather than original documents sent by a recognized carrier/courier...
    • They are unable to provide tracking numbers that are active and available online for verification when documents were supposedly sent to you; they may provide tracking numbers but they never seem to work...
    • Their website was built usng a free online service...
    • Their website is hosted by a free hosting service...

    I hope this information helps.
  11. hello...
    Is anyone aware of Functions Immigration?They recruit manpower from India and place them in Quebec.Is it necessary to know French to work in Quebec?esp. in Montreal?Please advise....
  12. Hi anne0709,

    Is anyone aware of Functions Immigration?

    If you could provide a website address for them I'll check them out from here. If you know of any job listings they have here in Quebec (name/location) I might be able to verify them for you. Please post the info here rather than sending it by PM so that it can be searched by others.

    Is it necessary to know French to work in Quebec?esp. in Montreal?

    This depends on the job and employer; however, it is a major plus for most positions and in some cases is deemed absolutely necessary.
  13. If you want to report the yola.com sites for "illegal activity", there's an abuse reporting page: www [dot] yola [dot] com [slash] support [slash] report-abuse

    I can't post the link above, so you have to replace the [dot] with ".", etc.

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