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Manila Passport Request at START of processing?

Discussion in 'Visa Offices in Asia' started by BC_guy, Jan 13, 2012.

  1. You're right... nobody on this forum can explain why Manila deviates from official published CIC policy. What is the purpose of holding a passport for 6+ months?? And why ask for a PHOTOCOPY of the passport with the original application, when you're just going to request the ORIGINAL passport as soon as the file is transferred to Manila? This failure to follow published Citizen and Immigration Canada procedures is truly disappointing in the Canadian Embassy - Manila.
  2. visit cic website.. i was reading their operational manuals for overseas processing, there was nothing written about the passport request and how long they will hold it.
  3. See Reply #4 on this thread, in particular the wording in red. The policy is AFTER they've processed your application and determined you're eligible... then they will request the passport. What Manila does, is request it at the START of processing the application. So the passport is being held unnecessarily during the whole time of processing. What is the point of even requesting the passport, if during the subsequent processing of the application, they find you are not eligible?

    Therefore if Manila followed the published process... the passport would be in their possession maybe a month at the most. This is how other Canadian embassy's / consulates operate.
  4. CEM requested my spouse's pp 2 months ago...and until now, his pp is still there..his e-cas, no update...not even "in process"......what kind of system is that??!! If they're not yet done with the background check and everything, then why request the pp so early in the process and leave the applicant hanging??? very very frustrating! :(
  5. do anyone happen to know how many days can i expect to have my VISA? canadian embassy already requested for our passport and we mailed it last May 1 2012 and until now (may 23) we have not received our visa yet?


  6. I thought the embassy in Manila asked for the passport after the medical?

    they asked my daughter to passed her passport after her medical and now we're just waiting for 6 weeks for the embassy to issue her visa after I got my landed papers here..

    but that's true keeping it their for how many months is unexplainable..unless they want to send it with visa already instead of asking per applicant to check it in person in the embassy which is better too..
  7. im really upset w/ the procedure and the so called processing time of our papers... the embassy get our passport aug. of last year, knowing na ilang weeks lang me visa na kami... but till now were still here no passport or what so ever... even my husband in toronto wala parin yung PR nya... nakakainis na... my husband even ask help for MP, and He get a reply fr. the MP na He still need to wait for the background check to be completed... naku naman ANONG PETSA NA :mad:

    ano kaya ang naging problem dito kaya sa atin o dun na sa kanila? (Canada)?
  8. my wife has sent her passport and red passport in february 2011. The visa office in Manila asked to my wife to re-med few weeks ago. On E-Cas, on may 15 2012, they update and wrote: medical exams done. Now we are waiting for the decision because they will not ask to send passport (they have since more than a year). Yes, it's a frustrating situation, my wife can't get out of her country because her passport is in the visa office in Manila.
  9. I feel badly for you. Holding the passport for over 1 year is complete nonsense. What is the purpose of requesting the passport so early?! At least the request for re-med is a good sign for you.
    Good luck with your visa.
  10. yes, it's a good sign for us, but now, i don't know how many times can take to know the decision. Normally, when they ask you for passport request, you obtain your visa 6-8 weeks later. But, for me, no passport request. I hope to know very soon because i have vacations in august and i want to go to visit my wife and her family and come back together to canada. I don't have more vacations this year after that :(
  11. in my case, they have been holding my passport for 3 long years. they have asked for it last nov 2009, something came up with my sponsorship case, and unfortunately until now no decision has been made. unlucky me, they still hold my passport and its so draining! ive been wanting to get it back if they dont have any plans on finalizing our case, but of course they are too busy to reply. how cruel is that? they have been holding my passport and myself from traveling out of the country for 3 long freaking years :eek: !! unfair! :( :mad:
  12. really thats very long..i recognized u from congugal forum...have u not inquire what happen to your case..so theres a possibility they will hold my passport that long too...if that so i prefer they will refuse it then i apply again/appeal...try to call and email them many times cause u have the right now ur exceed the processing time...gudluck
  13. I agree with crisetphil comments. I don't know what complications you're having, but there's no excuse for taking 3 years. In some ways you are responsible to follow-up with your sponsors MP, complain, etc. This is way beyond the normal processing time. In fact, maybe your passport will expire soon anyways?

    Regardless... it just proves the whole point of this tread. How stupid it is for the Manila embassy to request a passport at the START of processing. This serves no purpose at all... unless they're 90% certain they're going to approve your application quickly.... which for conjugal applications is never the case!

    So if you can't get an update / timeframe on when their decision is expected... you should request back your passport in the meantime.
  14. Have you ever been to the Philippines?
  15. Hi,i sent my passport to canadian embassy manila last january 5,2012 but until now i havent receive my passport with visa yet...my mother in law in canada sent an email to follow up my statusmbut no reply from embassy....eishhhh!!!!

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