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Live-in caregiver PR applicants for April,May and June timeline

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by Monalizy, Aug 19, 2010.

  1. Please if anyone gets any updates on their PR status, post it here.

    this is our timeline so far

    May 18th - sent OWP/PR Applications
    May 24th - CIC received (according to canadapost)
    July 19th - CIC opened OWP/PR and started processing
    July 31st - OWP approved
    Aug 4th - OWP received in mail

    So far the PR is in process with no messages. My Fiancee applied under the old pathway as single. Does anyone know how long it will take? From her friends previous timelines it is about 6-10 months from start of processing
  2. In 2016 most applications took 5/6 months to be processed. I really cant tell for 2017, as i havent read of any one who got approved yet. Have you read of any 2017 approval??
    I pray God speed it all up.
  3. I haven't heard any timeslines either. We are hoping that this will get done soon!
  4. my timeline is exactly the same as yours, only that I'm yet to hear anything from CIC about my OWP, I can't even link the application to mycic account. However, my PR application is in process. Does anyone know what to do about my OWP application?
  5. I am not sure what to tell you. They don't notify you when the OWP is mailed or approved, are you sure that it wouldn't go to another address?
  7. you should call them then and ask them if it has been issued, if it has tell them that you never received it and they should issue you a replacement

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