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Live-in caregiver PR applicants for April,May and June timeline

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by Monalizy, Aug 19, 2010.

  1. hi rosell any updates on your case..? what do you mean by .....my open was approved .? :'(
  2. http://www.canadavisa.com/canada-immigration-discussion-board/let-share-preparationstimelines-for-2015-live-in-caregiver-prowp-applications-t255135.690.html
  4. Hi Ehzl...im Aug 2010 applicant until now no PR

  5. july 2010 applicant,still waiting, background checks on going!
  6. Oh my what happen to 2010?????
  7. It's okay guys.. Keep the faith... Pray and hope we get our PR soon.. Still waiting..
  8. Hey guys
    Is anybody in contact with SDKMENDIS (forum member)??
    Please pm me if anybody can help me.
  9. Hi Everyone, I need help and information about how to update my marital status and how to include my husband in my PR application.
    My PR application is in process under live-in caregiver program, I already got my open work permit and eligibility letter. I just got married and want's to include my husband in my application. How and what are the procedures and requirements ? He is also here in canada under visitor permit.
  10. Hi everyon! Im new here. Just wanted to get some guidance on where to get owp application form online. I tried to look for it but it keeps on bringing me to application to change conditions, extend stay in canada as worker.
  11. Hi guys, kung pending pa rin application since 2010 - have you called CIC already? Or emailed?
    I know how frustrating it was . We submitted ours 2011 and we did not hear from anyone until 2013 na nangyari ang Yolanda and we sent them email. Got a reply the next day with the Medical request forms. That was Jan 2014 . We got approved 2 months after (medical which we waited for 2 weeks for results included) Visa approved as of March 2014. Landed as PR October 2014.

    Backlog cic but try to contact them kasi minsan feeling ko natatambakan lang yung papers.

    Best of Luck!
  12. Max821

    are you in Canada or Outside Canada? I think would have to be an Express Entry candidate either way. Just check for Express Entry.

  13. God bless everyone :-*......application complete :)
  14. Hello,

    I am looking to hire a nanny from Philippines. if you know anyone looking to work in Canada as a nanny, please send their resume to jannyose2014@gmail.com


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