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Is it Possible to have Canada student visa without IELTS?

Discussion in 'International Students' started by happygarcha, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. Hi here is happy form Moga, Punjab.

    I have applied Canada student visa on second week of this month(July,2011). I am double minded with my case related view...

    actually my agent who have applied my case is in Canada and i have a valid offer letter from University of Regina in Credit Studies Course, and my agent said that no need of IELTS in this course and said that university issued a letter that this student have no need of IELTS. and my financial situation is :- my parents are supporting me and whole property is more than 99lakh(INR) and cash is more than 17lakh(INR) and i have a Education loan of 10lakh(INR).

    plz tell me how much possibilities are there to get Visa...??

    plz help me plz reply...
  2. what's your course? Is it Masters or Bachelors?

    As far as i'm aware of ielts or toefl is mandatory

    Do you have work exp. Have your university written in letter that your ielts is waived?
  3. my course is administration level II and agent said that i have a letter from university of regina regarding IELTS.
    i have no work exp m fresher nd my previous study is in master's in information technology(in INDIA) nd my present course in Canada is in business is this matter?
  4. Its certificate in administration level II
  5. IELTS or TOEFL is requirement of College/University, If they are giving you admission without IELTS, then there is not a problem. IELTS is not required by CHC.
  6. @ xmaanix:- i have a offer letter from university in Administration level II, and i have checked my student account on university regina's site is available.
  7. If University is not asking you for IELTS and giving you admission. then apply your study permit.
  8. i have already applied on second week of this month...when i will get a call from there? i think 3 week nd this is the last week...
  9. im not expert bro ..but here in india ...check your university checklist .
    and this check list saying ..
    The following documents are STRONGLY recommended:
    IELTS test results taken within last 24 months

  10. @prabhi00 :- Bro i know about all those things.. but as i mentioned earlier that i have admission in university without IELTS... and as per my representative university issued a letter regarding IELTS that this student or this course no need of IELTS what ever it is.... par ab dekhna hai kkya hota hai mera representative kehta hai k IELTS ke bare mein tension mat lo.... wase bhi mera cousin gaya hai waha pe usi se case lagwaya tha without IELTS... tahts why main dubhida mein hun k mera kaya ho ga???? :eek:

  11. wase aap ka ka reject kyo hua jase aap ki profile mein mension hai to pooch raha hun.. :-\
  12. correct
  13. Bro,
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  14. Applicants from india and pakistan are being refused based on having modest/insufficient language ability required for the course ...i know it is not a requirement from embassybut why give a slim chnace to a visa officer to screw around with your case....so score really well in your ielts

    however, it would be fine if somehow you could prove your language ability by some other way...O/A levels etc
    studied a course in a native speaking country for a year or more etc

    in that case you are exempted from showing the ielts score card
  15. hi happygarcha @ im also going to apply study permit visa without ielts in university category

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