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Inland spouse immigration 2011

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by ramandaman2011, Jan 27, 2011.

  1. Hi ,

    I sponsor my wife and today I received a "Decision Made "letter from CIC saying my husband and me are meeting the requirements. They said processing of application has been completed and Canada Immigration Centre in Kitchener will contact you concerning your permanent resident status.

    I am wondering what it means and anybody knows how long it will take to make a final decision or may be for permanent resident card or what is the next step now?
    I will really appreciate if someone can tell me specially about Kitchener Immigration centre.

    My timelines are:
    Applied on 23 April 2010
    Started processing 5 July 2010
    Decision Made 19th January 2011
    Now I got "Decision Made Letter"
  2. Hi

    1. Congratulations, your wife will get an appointment letter for you and her to attend the Kitchener office for her to be "landed" and pay the RPRF (if you haven't already paid).
    2. Once she is "landed" CIC will process the PR card, and it will take about 27 days for her to receive it. She then can apply for a SIN (She can't earlier because she won't have COPR in her passport)
    3. Kitchener is not the busiest office, so it should be fairly soon.
  3. Congratulations, your application must have been one of those really straightforward ones.

    Let's know how the landing went.

  4. Wow, that was fast :eek: Congratulations!
  5. Thanks everybody really appriciate it :)
    PMM :Thanks for replying me back. Yea we have to pay RPRF.
    I was asking when they will call her for landing because she doesn't have visa for Canada right now (it got expired) but valid status .She will have to renew it and I was thinking if she can get landing before her visit to home country then she will not have to pay for visa fee. But lets see how long it will take after this.

    Another question suppose if she got visa for Canada and in mean time she will get PR status may be just landing paper but not PR card. Can she still travel outside. Can you give more details on this may be?
    2.Do you know cic will change status after this or just will call for landing?Right now status is Decision made. and also are they going to check Medical and other verifications like police clearance? right now its saying just showing Medical received, I mean document checking at this point.

    Thanks in advance
  6. 1. Can't answer your first question because I don't know the visa rules for her home country.
    2. If she's non-visa exempt from Canada and travels without her PR card, she can get a Travel Document from the Canadian Consulate in her home country to re-enter Canada.
    3. CIC has already checked the medical and police clearances. The next status change will be after she lands.
  7. What? Does she need visa to enter her own country? Sorry but your question wasn't well elaborated.
    Is she in Canada right now?
  8. Sorry I made a mistake there.I modified my orginal post. Its not for home country Its for Canada. Sorry for confusing you.
  9. I am in the process to do inland application. I have a question.
    1) Does you wife come on visitor visa?
    2) If yes, then they would have definately has granted you for 6 months.
    3) Then did you apply for extention of the visa? If yes, then
    4) Did you apply with the application of permanent residence( when sponsoring your wife for immigration). And if you were to granted extension of the visa, how long did they gave it to you?
    5) In the application form for the extension of visa, what reason did you mention of her coming to Canada as visitor.
  10. Hi! I am new with this kind of forum but I am really interested and hoping anybody can help me with my situation. By the way, congratulations to ramandaman2011, your application was sooo fast. My husband and I started the application JULY 2009, they received the application AUGUST 2009 and started processing it. By FEBRUARY 2010 they transferred my application to Vancouver local office and FEBRUARY 2011, I got a letter for interview and so after the interview, like 3 days after I called the call center to verify the decision since the status online says decision made and told me that it was approved. I haven't got the letter though. My visa will expire this march but I am planning to apply an initial study permit or extend my work permit (whichever works best). The thing is, i kinda wonder how long do i have to wait still? It's as if I've been waitng forever. Do i have to go another medical exam and police clearance?? any help would be great.
  11. Hi Ramandaman,

    have you landed at the Kitchener office? How long did it take for them to contact you?

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