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how long can i stay in canada?

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by tai, Mar 11, 2011.

  1. Hi

    I have a US green card and I am visiting my daughter in Calgary Canada, I traveled by air and CBSA did not stamp my passport. So, how long can i stay in Canada? Also can i apply to extend my stay?

  2. Most likely you can stay up to six months. To apply for an extension you need to provide proof of when you arrived in Canada. Also it may be denied for reasons of wanting to visit your daughter for longer than six months. If you apply for an extension by mail you are on implied status for around 120 days further.
  3. thanks for your help. Another questions

    Now i need to travel to Vietnam because of a death in family, can i reenter Canada once i am done?

  4. Re: student visa rejected,will apply again,,,good idea?

    Green card only guarantees entry into usa (implicit). Although unlikely You can be refused entry into canada any time.
  5. Looks like you may be OK.

    Read here:

    Visitor Visa Exemptions

    Many people do not require a visa to visit Canada. These include:

    x- snip -x

    persons lawfully admitted to the United States for permanent residence who are in possession of their alien registration card (Green card) or can provide other evidence of permanent residence;

    I would check with CIC.
  6. Re: student visa rejected,will apply again,,,good idea?

    You know i was thinking if your passport has not been stamped with an entry date etc in theory there is nothing stopping you staying in canada upto to the expiry date of your greencard or passport. Any thoughts?
  7. Not likely, IMO the six month maximum still applies.
  8. What if i leave Canada after 5 months to get back to US so my GreenCard won't expire. and then would like to revisit Canada to help my daughter with her 2 newborns. Where can I apply to make sure i can reenter Canada? Also my daughter plans to sponsor me, but the application will take 5 years. Is there a way i can apply for some kind of approvals for me to reenter Canada every six months?

  9. How can the canadian authorities prove otherwise when she entered the country?
  10. No such approval exists for entering Canada.

    Also, you should make sure you have researched your green card obligations thoroughly. If you are spending more time outside of the US than inside of the US, then you will eventually lose your green card. Coming back to the US for a few weeks every six months isn't good enough. You may want to look into a re-entry permit.
  11. You know that IO's do not have to prove anything, they can make the decision to refuse entry if they wish.
  12. Information sharing with airlines.

    However as Baloo said, Canadian authorities are under no obligation to prove anything. They are empowered to refuse entry.
  13. Yeah, I have seen it happen. We went to Canada for a short project but one of our guys was refused entry because they didn't believe that his skill sets were necessary. We went as visitors because it really wasn't work project that would require a work visa since it was only going to take two days to deliver and no money was changing hands. But just to reiterate, they can absolutely refuse entry.
  14. As a side note, Canada have just "done a deal" with New Zealand, on information exchange.
    You can bet it will be used on more than just "criminal types" :)


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