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How do attach a note to supporting documents?

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by goodman36, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. I was wondering with so many supporting documents to be provided for my sponsorship application for my wife, how do you attach a note to explain what is what?

    For example, I have to provide proof that I am sending money to my wife. I have a receipt from the money transmitter that I use. But, do I need to write a note on a piece of paper and attach it with the receipt? Do I staple it?

    The same can be said about e-mail logs, trip tickets etc. etc. Sometimes it is just a thin peice of paper and if you use paper clip, it may get loose and get lost.
  2. I did a table of contents and then just clipped it together with a big filing clip....e.g. Phone bills ....Pages 1 - 30; Airline Receipts.....Pages 30 - 40; and so on for all proof......
  3. In a piece of bond paper (white paper/ copy paper) :p
    (type it from MS WORD or just hand write it)
    Just put


    then next pages would be the receipts

    You can also attach a cover letter, I always do this everytime we send stuff to CIC...
  4. Is it ok to attach Label (those that you can find in Staples) on top of the document itself (example: a supporting document like phone bill) and handwrite on the Label describing what that document is (instead a cover page that may be thrown away)? I am of course not talking about the Forms or Letters but other supporting documents....

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