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FSW 2013 Applicants Timeline- Lets Network Here.

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by islandbabe, May 4, 2013.

  1. Please let me provide my information to update the spread sheet:

    Self-calculated points: 73
    Visa Office: London
    NOC: 2113
    IELTS band: 6.5
    Spouse IELTS Submitted: Yes
    Relative in Canada: Yes
    Job Offer: no
    Degree WEC : Bachelor for 4 years + 1 Year Graduate
    Job experience: 4+
    PCC Sent: No
    App Sent: 5/26/2013
    Fee: CC
    Courier: DHL
    App Received: June 3, 2013
    Signed By: Dextor
    Destination in Canada: Fort Mcmurry, AB
  2. hi.

    please add me up I'm under NOC 0631.

    Currently waiting for visa.

  3. @ didi7878 - First thing I would say is since you already sent the application, there's no point worrying over it now. What's done is done and you should not spoil your certain today over an uncertain tomorrow.

    To answer your worry in short, CIC wants all accounts of education, profession and even unemployment including other things such as criminal convictions in past 10 years or since your 18th birthday to know you as a person who would be coming to and living in Canada. No matter if 6221 would not be counted towards your points or eligibility but it would be used to know your background and all official docs related to it to know you are a true person who did all that. No information is to be intentionally or unintentionally concealed from them.

    One of my employer did not provide me the referral letter, so I attached a self declared and notarized referral letter and all email copies from my Gmail account where I requested him several times for issuance of the referral letter but he didn't even bother replying but on phone always said "Yes, Yes, Yes, I'll do"
  4. I am applying under NOC0211 and My employer has given me a letter with the following duties. Will like to know if it tallies with the CIC requirement for the NOC group

    Duties performed:

    • Conduct Technical and commercial research projects for government and industries
    • Work with clients and partners to develop project scope in line with industry standards
    • Lead the company’s engineering services marketing initiative.
    • Assign, manage, and review all technical work, both at design, execution, and closeout.
    • Resource vendors and foreign partners when required and enforce knowledge transfer
    • Manage all Human resources, ensure competitive recruitment process, and manage staff competence
    • Manage day to day company operations and participate in all board meetings

  5. hi i have sent my application yesterday.in payment form i have mentioned cardholder name without the middle name. actually card holder never use middle name but only on credit card records there is middle name(cardholder father name, which credit card company put them-self,because of maharashtrian custom).will it effect the transaction.if cic is not able to complete the transaction will they contact the applicant for other payment option or they just reject your application?
  6. Hello Firstladyc1....

    Human Resources and Skills Development Canada enlists the following main duties for NOC 0211 (Engineering Managers):

    1. Plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate the activities and operations of an engineering department, service or firm
    2. Develop and implement policies, standards and procedures for the engineering and technical work performed in the department, service, laboratory or firm
    3. Consult and negotiate with clients to prepare specifications, explain proposals and present engineering reports and findings
    4. Assign, co-ordinate and review the technical work of the department or project teams
    5. Recruit personnel and oversee development and maintenance of staff competence in required areas
    6. May participate directly in the design, development and inspection of technical projects or in the engineering work of the department.

    Here is a link for further details...
    http://w w w5.hrsdc.gc.ca/NOC/English/NOC/2011/QuickSearch.aspx?val65=0211 (without spaces)

    I say your duties are consistent. Hope it helps.
  7. Hello sharmausct,

    It is important that the name of card holder mentioned on the payment form be consistent with the records of credit/debit card issuing agency clearly because they need to be sure that they are charging the right person.

    And I'm afraid CIC will not contact the applicant in case they are unable to make the transaction. According to the CIC's guide 7000 for FSW:

    "If we are unable to process your payment, your application will be returned to you"

    So I suggest that you immediately contact the credit card issuing authority and explain the situation. Hopefully they will be able to provide a solution to this problem.
  8. Guys it seems like PER or NER is done after CC / draft / cheque is charged ?
    please clarify
  9. So it simply means that CIC will send back my application :( After your reply I am doubly worried :(
  10. Well it does seem so ......

    According to the latest CIC Operations Manual:

    "If the application is determined to be eligible for processing, the applicant will be informed. Once the CIO has made a positive eligibility determination, processing has begun and processing fees are no longer refundable.
    If the application is determined to be ineligible for processing, the applicant will be informed and will receive a refund of processing fees. The application will not be returned to the applicant."

    If I am not wrong I think it means that the fees are charged between the "application completeness check" and the "Assessment against Ministerial Instructions". The latter stage leads to a PER or NER.
  11. No point of worrying. Just wait and watch. Famous saying "the game's not over until the fat lady sings". So no one can say if your file will be returned. There is at least one case in the surrounding, that I know of, who should've been rejected on the logical grounds but was not.

    Meantime, I would recommend gathering missing docs, so if in case there is a return of app, you'll be ready to reapply.
  12. please send me the link of the manual

  13. Seniors / Moderators,

    ***case similar to harry2k4***

    It is regarding the following 2 forms:
    (1) Schedule A Background /Declaration : IMM5669E
    (2) Additional Family Information :IMM5406E

    Whether the above 2 forms are to be completed and signed by SPOUSE as well.

    If we miss sending those 2 forms, Can we send those later by attaching a covering letter?

    Any help / suggestions is greatly appreciated!!


  14. http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/resources/manuals/op/op06c-eng.pdf
  15. (1) - Applicant + Spouse
    (2) - Applicant + Spouse
    (3) - No. Not until asked by CIC themselves.

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