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Fiance Visa

Discussion in 'General - All Canadian Immigration' started by aima123, Jun 4, 2007.

  1. I am a Filipina who's having a fiance leaving in Canada. What should I need to process first to have a Fiance Visa?
  2. Hi

    No fiancee visa for Canada, you have to be married or live in a C/law relationship.

  3. Oh really? So we need to be marry first. Can we be married outside Canada?
  4. HI aima123

    Yes you can, of course you do, but after that; be prepared to prove to CIC that your recently marriage was not a tricky one just to obtain the residency, they are checking all this stuff with “magnifier”, I guess you already have a bunch of photos, letters, postcards…etc that prove your relationship its being for long time ago (it could help a lot.)

    What do you think about it my friend PMM? am I right?

    good luck
  5. Is it possible to get a fiance visa for my fiance in morocco? We are trying to find all ways possible to get my fiance here to canada for if I can not get to morocco. Are there any other options for us to look at? Like a work visa what is all needed for to do any of these? I am desperate for any information that I can get for my fiance and I both do not have alot of money for to do much but we want to be together what can we do?
  6. No, you can't get a fiancé visa - it doesn't exist in Canada.

    The best way is to go through sponsorship if you have been together for long enough to have proof of a relationship.
  7. I wonder if Canada has as many people who enter into a "Green Card" marriage.
  8. Fiance Visa

    Hello everyone... I'm planing to get married in the US, but live in Canada... My fiance wants to come here from the US and stay legal after we get married... I dont have Canadian citizen and can't start making a papers for her or myself yet... What does my fiance need to have, for just to come and stay legal in Canada and going back and forth to the US and Canada?
  9. What is your status in Canada currently? If you are a student or temporary worker (as long as it's a skilled job) your spouse will be able to apply for an open work permit. If you are a PR, you can sponsor your spouse to get PR. To qualify as a spouse, you need to be married first or you need to have lived together for 12 months.
  11. Hello everyone! Please help me with some of my queries... I am a filipina, my bofeiend (filipino) just divorced to his wife (filipina) ! Can we get married as soon as possible? What are the arrangement for this? Thank you
  12. What is your status in Canada?
  13. Yes, you can get married, however I assume that they did not get divorced in the Philippines because divorce is not allowed there as far as I know so he should not try to get married in the Philippines again as they may not recognize his divorce and will see him as being already married.
  14. My daughter just engaged and have PR card and leaving outside canada for her studies, can she sponser her fiance for canada.

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