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Does OHIP cover any out of country emergency treatment?

Discussion in 'Health' started by AllisonVSC, Jun 9, 2011.

  1. I traveled to the US (South Carolina) with traveler's insurance, this week to visit my family and was a passenger in a motor vehicle collision. I was transported to hospital via ambluance and helicopter due to potential traumatic brain injury. I received CAT scans, some meds, sutures (staples in my head actually), etc in emergency and then was released from trauma care and not admitted to hospital. I assume that the insurance coverage for the driver of the vehicle, my brother's widow, will cover my care, but if not will OHIP cover any portion? Thanks, Allison
  2. Wow! Glad to hear you're OK!!!

    To answer your question - no, OHIP won't cover a thing. As soon as you leave the country - you're on your own. Very glad to hear you had traveler's insurance and I hope it covers everything.
  3. Just wanted to come back and say - please take care of yourself and take it easy. You must be very bruised and sore (not to mention pretty freaked out). Hope everyone else in the vehicle is OK too.

    Again, glad to hear you're relatively uninjured given what happened. Sounds like it could have been much much worse.
  4. Thanks Scylla for your concern and your reply. I am sore but recovering well, but clearly I hav bruised my brain. I meant to say that I was without traveler's insurance. I guessed OHIP wouldn't cover it, but just wanted to make sure. I will be back in Canada at the end of June for 3 days then I am off to France until the end of July (with traveler's insurance this time).
  5. Oh. That sucks you didn't have insurance! Hope the bill isn't too bad... But again, the most important thing is your health.

    I don't know what kind of insurance you purchased for your trip to France. But the next time you're planning on vacationing out of the country and need to buy insurance, check out the traveler insurance provided by Blue Cross that covers you for an entire year for about $85 (rather than insuring yourself separately for individual trips). The "entire year" coverage is a great way to go if you sometimes take last minutes trips to the US and want to make sure you are fully covered whenever you leave the country.
  6. Great idea Scylla. I will check out Blue Cross. I used them when I was visiting Canada awaiting my PR. I am fully covered by the driver's insurance, so I am breathing a BIG sigh of relief now!
  7. I am sorry, Allison. Some information:
    1) OHIP should cover Ontario prices for the service in USA provided you were insured with OHIP and you did not have any restrictions from your doctor to visit USA. Unfortunately it will be very small portion what you should pay for the medical service.
    2) You won't be eligible for the regular travel's insurance because you have used the medical facilities in 180 days before buying travel insurance. You have pre-existing conditions for the travel insurance.
  8. Haver, Can you expound on number 2. I do not understand the restrictions you mentioned. Thanks.
  9. I would like to take this insurance policy but don't know the procedure. Can any one suggest me what should I do?
  10. Hi Allison,

    If your doctor said that you are restricted to fly or to be in some weather conditions,
    it means that you have restrictions.

    2) If you visited doctor before buying insurance and if you were diagnosed with any sickness at the time of your visit, you have pre-existing conditions which could not be covered with travel insurance pilicy.
  11. Hi Addy3ross,

    To buy travel insurance you just need to click on this link. You will have the choice of 3 different Canadian insurance companies. You can choose any of them. If you need any help please let me know.
  12. Thanks for the clarification, Haver. I was not aware that any travel insurance covered pre-existing conditions. Since my injuries in the collision are not permanent, I do not see this being a problem in the future. It was your reference to being treated in hospital within 180 days that had me concerned. And since I am not traveling again soon, I don't think I'll worry too much about it. I can always buy the insurance offered when I book a flight with no medical questions asked.
    Regards, Allison

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