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Date of Birth & place of Birth are not match with passport. pls guide me....

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by Manpreet Singh, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. I have problem with my date of birth & place of birth...i already got made my passport..my date of birth mention on passport 15-04-1977 but my local birth registered office's record is 26-01-1977.place of birth is also different...what should i do now ?...i am going to submit my PR file for Canadian Skilled worker category...is it compulsory to submit birth certificate with file.? pls guide me..ur suggestion will be very appreciative for me.. thanks in advance
  2. why don't you surrender this passport and make a new one with the same birth date and place as in your birth certificate? Cos so far I know both of them should be matched.
  3. If you are from India, and have not sent your application yet, there is a chance that you do not need to send your birth certificates, but your application will still be accepted. You can send the passport copy as a date of birth proof.

    BUT, in future, they might ask for your birth certificate. It's better to be prepared for that. If you give the passport details to CIC now, and later somehow they get to see your birth certificate, you will be in trouble.

    First, how did this mismatch happen? I had a mismatch between the passport and BC on the place of birth and i had to change the details in passport. Once registered, no way you can change the details in your birth certificate, unless it's some spelling mistake. So, the best thing is to approach the nearest passport office and update your details(there is some fine involved :p) and get a fresh passport issued. I did the same thing.


    Indira Prabhakaran.
  4. I have a same problem of DOB of my wife where all prrof shows 24.07 except birth certi which shows 04.08 , so gap of 10 days, which makes my wife 10 days older in age...

    What i did in last year, made an affidavit on stamp paper & notarize it....& submit all proofs duly notarized ( PP, PAN card, LC, Licence) which have same date & also birth certi which has different date along with affidavit....

    I think better to show everything instead of hiding anything...

    Can anybody advice what will be the impact on my case?
    Honeyjack :)
  5. So, you submitted both the passport details and the Birth certificates(with conflicting info), along with an affidavit confirming the conflict? I wonder why you did not try to resolve the conflict before you sent your application?

    I'm not sure under which stream/rules you applied, what date did you provide in the application forms?

    yes, there is a chance that they ignore the conflicting birth certificates and continue to process your application with the date of birth provided in the application forms. What stage is your application in currently?

    I seriously think you could have tried to match the dates in passport and the birth certificates. It's not that complicated.


    Indira Prabhakaran.
  6. Yea , but as per rule we can not change birth certi & have to apply to change DOB for all other docs.& it will take much time. As I have applied in Feb,2010 & submitted docs in April,2010 under SW1. My current status is RBVO .

    This conflict is with co applicant & it is a gap of 10 days so i was advised by advocate only to submit affidavit with duly notarize it.

    Can they reject my case or what will be the other impact?

  7. No, they cant reject the application just because of this one:).

    Yes, you cannot change the info in Birth certificate as i mentioned in my earlier post, but it's relatively easy to change the passport details. I did it for me :) it took about a week after i submitted my request for a reissue of my passport with the corrected details via Tatkal.

    You will have to wait and see how the VO takes it. Hope they accept it as such.

    Good luck to you and hope you have your PER soon:)


    Indira Prabhakaran.
  8. Thanks Indira Prabhakaran.

    I will wait for reply. My case is awaiting review as my FTD is in march.

    Honeyjack :)
  9. you should change your passport to reflect the correct date.

    its a simple process. just go to the passport office site, and read the instructions for correcting details in the passport.

    dont take a chance. 8)
  10. how much time it will take to change the birth place on Indian passport & what documents i would need for it?
  11. You can use the Tatkal option and you will get your new passport within a week. Documents i had to provide are,

    1. Fresh application(Form 1, along with PP forms) - Link - http://passport.gov.in/cpv/Forms.htm This will be a reissue.
    2. Birth Certificate(with the correct place of birth
    3. A letter stating the fact that there was a mistake in the previous passport about the birth place, how it happened, apologize, indicate you are willing to pay the 1000INR fine for that.
    4. A draft/cash for a new passport reissue and tatkal fee, along with the fine amount.


    Indira Prabhakaran.
  12. Hi,
    I am chirag nagpal and I am from SRIGANGANAGAR, Rajasthan, and got my passport issued from Delhi as settled in Delhi now, in my passport its shows my place of birth as SRI NAGAR so can you please tell me what i need to do to correct it,
    Thanks In Advance,
    Chirag Nagpal.
  13. Does passport work as alternate for proof of birth certificate? My application was returned coz of not accepting document based on passport details as an alternate for birth certificate.
  14. Unfortunately, Passport is not and alternate for BC. As you have just observed that changes to Birth date can be made easily on Passports and thus not reliable and viable alternate for BC.


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